Meet the Utah Ski Gear Staff!

Esther Stokes - Owner

Esther didn’t start skiing until she was an adult, but she fell in love with it quickly. She began working at Brighton as a ski instructor and continues to skin in Big Cottonwood Canyon.  Part of what drew her into skiing was it gave her the chance to experience the mountains. Now she loves the family time that skiing provides as well. As a mother and a former ski instructor, she knows all the secrets to family fun skiing. As one of the owners, Esther does a little bit of everything at the shop and enjoys continuing to learn about the ski industry.

Fun Fact: All of Esther’s fingers are double jointed!

Jennifer Schroeder - Store Manager

Although Jennifer skis primarily at Alta now, she grew up skiing at Mammoth Lakes in California. For 10 years she spent the winter skiing in Mammoth while living and surfing in Baja for the summer. Her favorite parts about skiing are the beautiful mountains, the exercise, and the challenge to improve her skills- both in the resort and the backcountry. Jennifer loves working at Utah Ski Gear because it is a small, family fun business that helps a lot of people get out skiing. As a tele-skier, Jennifer specializes in tele-skiing and backcountry equipment. She also loves the chance to learn and talk about skiing and gear all day long!

Fun Fact: Jennifer once worked on the splat line of a tall ship!


Matthew McCarry - Ski Tuner

Matthew learned to ski at Toggenburg Mountain in New York at the age of 6. He grew up on the East Coast before recently moving to Utah and now skis at Alta. His favorite parts about skiing are exploring the mountains, being outside, and always having something to improve on.  He particularly likes skiing in the trees and carving. He enjoys working at Utah Ski Gear because it allows him to be surrounded by people who also love to ski and explore the mountains.

Fun Fact: He broke his leg skiing at 13 years old.

Janet Jackson - Visual Advertising & Digital Media and Internet/Public Relations/Gear Handler/Sales

Janet didn’t start skiing until later in her life, but she quickly fell in love. She started skiing at Alta and in just three months skied Snowbird, coming down the famed Regulator Johnson over 20 times.  She now skis at both Alta, Snowbird and Solitude.  She prefers hard packed snow and loves skiing during winter storms. She enjoys working at Utah Ski Gear because it allows her to serve in an industry that she feels passionate about.  Janet loves being able to help people find the perfect ski boot!

Fun Fact: Janet is vegan and loves road biking Utah's Canyons!

Matt Bongard - Gear Handler

Matt learned to ski in West Virginia before moving to Utah. Now he mostly skis at Brighton, where he is also an instructor. However, Matt also loves skiing in the backcountry throughout the Wasatch. He enjoys working at Utah Ski Gear because he gets to help others find gear that gets them in the mountains where they can further learn about themselves. Matt is a passionate telemark skier and loves it because he feels it combines the best of skiing and snowboarding. If you have any questions on telemarking then Matt will be able to help you!