15g Holmenkol Speed Block Rub On Race Wax - WET

15g Holmenkol Speed Block Rub On Race Wax - WET


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The Holmenkol Speed Block WET is a high speed fluorocarbon overlay for racers looking for that extra edge over the competition. The Speed Block WET is best in damp to wet fresh snow and grainy to coarse-grained old or artificial snow. This overlay offers super high speeds, thanks to its 100% pressed fluorocarbon powder makeup. Use this overlay to get more speed at the start and increase acceleration throughout your race. Speed Block Wet from Holmenkol is a rub-on ski wax that should be corked in and polished with a horsehair brush. The easy no-iron application makes this overlay a cinch to apply right there in the starting area of your race.
  • Pressed fluorocarbon powder
  • Snow temps 0C to 5C (32F to 41F)
  • 15g (0.5 oz)
  • For wet snow
  • Rub on wax overlay, no iron needed
Part Number: H24351