900g Swix Wax LF12X Alpine Combination Pack

900g Swix Wax LF12X Alpine Combination Pack


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The Swix LF12 Cera Nova X Combi Wax pack keeps your ski bases covered and hydrated in all winter conditions. Made with a slightly harder formula than the older Swix Hydrocarbon waxes, this re-branded wax is easier to work with and more durable. This package contains blocks of Turquoise, Blue, Violet, and Red hydrocarbon wax that is perfect as a base preparation wax, or for recreational skiers. This hefty package has 900 grams of quality bulk Swix hydrocarbon wax total, so its perfect for shop use or if you plan on waxing a ton of skis this season. Bulk packaged wax does not include a lid, which saves you money while helping to cut down on environmentally degrading plastic use.
  • 2 x 180g Turquoise LF5 ski wax 7F - 18F (-14C to -8C)
  • 180g Blue LF6 for cold conditions 10F - 20F (-12C to -6C)
  • 180g Violet LF7 for normal winter conditions 18F - 28F (-2C to 8C)
  • 180g Red LF8 for warmer snow 25F - 34F (-4C to 1C)
  • 900g total (2 lbs.)
  • Wax iron setting: 230F - 275F (110C - 135C)
Part Number: LF12XA-900 EAN: 704591833577

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