Arva Evo5 Safety Pack - Evo5, Spark 240 Probe & Shovel

Arva Evo5 Safety Pack - Evo5, Spark 240 Probe & Shovel


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Arva's Evo5 Safety Pack includes essential avalanche safety tools for anyone exploring the backcountry. The kit includes the Evo5 Transceiver, the Spark 240 Probe and the Access TS Shovel. 

The Evo5 features a 50m search strip width, group check mode to test transmit frequency and power, marking function to identify burial victims already located and a multiple burial indicator that displays a "+" when more than 3 victims. There are 3 antennas to improve chances of finding a signal and auto-test lets the device run a diagnostic test to verify that all main functionalities are working as they should. The backlit screen provides better visibility and an automatic revert to trust mode is controlled by a timer set up (8min). U-turn alarm lets the rescuer know they are heading in the wrong direction and interference management lets the user adjust the search technique in an area with signal interference. This device is compact at 11mm by 72mm by 20mm and weighs 165g including batteries. 

The Spark 240 probe is extremely efficient and simple to use in any condition, making it the ideal choice for anyone exploring. It is 2.4m when deployed, 8 segments 30cm long, making this probe easy to pack into a backpack. The tubes are 12mm in diameter and made of strong 7075 aluminum tubing. Stainless steel tension cord combines with a pin lock system, making it quick and easy to deploy your probe by pulling on the handle. Precise markings on the probe indicate snow depth. 

The Access TS shovel is very versatile; perfect for anyone riding backcountry or sidecountry. This shovel is both light and rigid with a telescopic shaft: 57cm minimum length, 72 cm maximum length. The oval aluminum shaft is 35cm long when collapsed. It includes a strong and durable aluminum blade and an optimized blade size at 24cm length x 23cm width x 2mm thick. Ih whole the shovel weighs 620g. The pin lock system makes it quick and easy to put the blade and shaft together. 

  • 3 pieces of avalanche safety tools
  • Evo5 Transceiver
  • Spark 240Probe
  • Access TS Shovel 

Part Number: ARPACKV2EVO5