Briko Maplus Universal Yellow Ski Wax - 250g


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Briko Universal Yellow comes as a bulk ski wax when you are planning on using large quantities throughout the season. If you are a shop owner, you will love this tough, durable ski wax as a base preparation layer, or as the first coat after stone grinding skis. This high and medium melting point ski wax lasts a long time, and makes a great surface for accepting top layers of glide waxes. Briko Maplus Universal Ski Wax Yellow gives your ski bases the ultimate saturation and protection for a long winter of epic turns.
  • Universal bulk ski wax for warmer temperatures
  • For snow between 23-32F (-5 to 0C)
  • Apply with a wax iron
  • Seal and protect your ski and snowboard bases
  • 250g (35.3 oz)

Part Number: BMW0703

*Note: Fluorinated waxes are banned by some racing federations. Check wax restrictions before use in competition.