DPS Phantom Permanent Base Glide Treatment | One-Part Formula

DPS Phantom Permanent Base Glide Treatment | One-Part Formula


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The DPS PHANTOM  is a one-time, high-performance base treatment for alpine skis and snowboards. Never worry about waxing your skis again! DPS has improved upon the impressive Phantom "waxless" base treatment by chopping the process down to one single step. That makes it twice as easy to apply which is exactly half as much work. DPS has put their patent-pending polymer technology into this waxless base treatment to provide all temperature glide performance and increased base strength for the life of your ski or snowboard. Whether your skis are new or used, apply the PHANTOM base treatment and the timed polymerization process will permanently penetrate the entire depth of your base material with fluoro compositions ready for any snow temperature. This means that even if you have you stone grind your skis, it will just expose a new fresh layer of wax. You can take your skis to select shops to have the base treatment applied and cured in a special cure station or you can apply it yourself and let it cure in the sunlight. Visit dpsskis.com/phantom-glide for more details.
  • Permanent Base Glide Treatment
  • Universal snow temps
  • 1 part treatment process
  • Cures with UV light exposure

Part Number: DPS-PH-GLDIY-1