Fizan Storm Alpine Ski Poles - Black, White | Italian Made Aluminum Ski Poles 2021/22

Fizan Storm Alpine Ski Poles - Black, White | Italian Made Aluminum Ski Poles 2021/22


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Utah Ski Gear offers a

The Fizan Storm Alpine Ski Poles are reliable ski poles made in Italy by a classic company. Between the high quality aluminum alloys, it’s innovative Unibasket, adjustable 20mm straps, ergonomic ‘Hard Grip’ and durable steel tips, there's a lot to like about the Fizan Storm. This is a great Ski Pole with a simple and attractive design. 

Back in 1947, Domenico Fincati (of Fizan) became the first person to begin producing aluminum ski poles. Today aluminum is the most commonly used material for poles and we’ve got Fizan to thank for that. But Fizan has also become an industry leader when it comes to environmental awareness and sustainability. Besides remaining committed to using recycled materials, for the past 10 years the company has invested heavily in solar panel systems; allowing them to become more than 60% energy self-sufficient. 

The Fizan Storm are everyday alpine ski poles from a storied company with an environmentally conscious mission. 

  • Alu 5083 Ø16mm
  • 110-135cm
  • Hard Grip - Black
  • 20mm - adjustable hand strap
  • Unibasket 50mm 
  • Steel tip 

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