Hokmenkol Smart Waxer Set - H24046

Hokmenkol Smart Waxer Set - H24046


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The Hokmenkol Smart Waxer Set has everything you need to start waxing your skis at home. The Hokmenkol Smart Waxer is a top quality wax iron with an extra thick base plate and ultra precision temperature control to ensure even melting and distribution of ski wax at exactly the spots you want. The Smart Waxer Set also gives you 4 kinds of ski or snowboard wax for various conditions, a wax scraper, nylon brush for texturing, and a fleece cloth for extra polish. This set makes a great gift for any skier or snowboarder who wants to start waxing their own gear. Included in this set:
  • Holmenkol Smart Waxer wax iron, North American model, 110V with standard plug
  • Holmenkol Fleece Cloth for extra polish
  • Holmenkol Nylon Base Brush to use after scraping, tip to tail
  • Holmenkol Wax Remover gets rid of old wax so you can start fresh
  • Holmenkol Scraper removes excess wax after it has cooled
  • Holmenkol Betamix Red Wax - 70g for all snow between -14 and -4C
  • Holmenkol Alphamix Yellow Wax - 70g base wax for soft fine snow 26-32 degrees F
  • Holmenkol Ultramix Blue Wax - 70g for old snow around -8 degrees Celsius
  • Holmenkol Ultra Box
  Part Number: H24046