Kuu Side Kick Pro Race Vise TUNING EQUIPMENT Kuu

Kuu Side Kick Pro Race Vise


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The Side Kick Pro Race Vise from Kuu is sure to make your tuning jobs a lot easier. Its 3 piece design holds skis to easily wax or sharpen your edges. It can be used with a Kuu tuning table or can be clamped to most benches and supports. It is light weight and adjustable so you can bring it with you wherever you need to get a quick tune in. The center piece can hold skis up to 110mm in width. The adjustable supports help keep your work surface steady so you can perform your greatest ski tunes anywhere.
    • Vise for tuning all types and shapes of alpine skis
    • Three piece design
    • Holds Ski widths up to 110mm
    • Adjustable height and pivot to allow for a more ergonomic position while edge sharpening
    • Special rubber to grip the ski during side and base work
    • Includes 2 brake retainers
    Part Number: V003

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