One Ball Jay X-Wax Fluoro-Graphite Warm - 114g - WXW

One Ball Jay X-Wax Fluoro-Graphite Warm - 114g - WXW


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Utah Ski Gear offers a

One Ball Jay X-Wax is the fastest snowboard wax. This package contains a 2-part waxing system for maximum shredding performance. Rub on your graphite wax first, to repel static and then apply the fluorinated hot wax to acclimate your snowboard to warm snow. With this system, you can meet your need for speed.
  • 2 snowboard waxes for maximum speed
  • Rub on graphite wax repels static, use first (42g)
  • Iron on fluorinated wax for warm snow conditions (72g)
  • Snow temperature: 2F to 26F (0C to -3C)
  • Old formula 

Part Number: OBJ-WXW-old UPC: 022099746645

*Note: Fluorinated waxes are banned by some racing federations. Check wax restrictions before use in competition.

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