Saucer Wax Red Hot Wax - Warm Weather - 450g

Saucer Wax Red Hot Wax - Warm Weather - 450g


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Get a half pound of Red Saucer Wax and save money on your tuning equipment this year. Saucer Wax Red is formulated for warm, slushy snow conditions and sunny ski days. This American-made ski and snowboard wax took over 10 years to develop, until a winning HC wax with molybdenum and graphite additives yielded superior on-slope performance. Apply this solid wax with a hot wax iron for best results.
  • Ski and snowboard wax increases sliding properties
  • Warm, for snow between 20-40F (-6.6 to 4.4C)
  • Made in Colorado
  • Proprietary nano-tech blend
  • Bulk 450g (1 pound)

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*Disclaimer: Fluorinated waxes are banned by some racing federations. Check wax restrictions before use in competition.