Soul Waterman Snow Wave Powder Surf Snowboard 2020

Soul Waterman Snow Wave Powder Surf Snowboard 2020


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Utah Ski Gear offers a

The 2020 Soul Waterman Snow Wave is a directional powder board unlike anything you've ever ridden.

With full rocker and reverse sidecut, the Snow Wave snowboard rides like a surfboard. Float through powder with ease and make fun, slashy turns all the way down the mountain. You can flex the split tail like you are burying the tail in a wave. The split tail also acts as fins and helps you keep the board in line. This board is designed to be ridden with or without bindings. If you want to ride bindingless, you can screw in the deck studs for grip, or toss on bindings and strap in to the board. This board is not designed for groomers or hard packed snow and is designed to be cut into a splitboard if you want to use it for backcountry touring. The sycamore and tri-axial fiberglass core is set up so that you don't have to reseal the center with epoxy if you cut it in half and it even comes with climbing pin inserts pre-installed. If you are trying to find a board that allows you to truly surf the snow, the Snow Wave is the board for you.

Length: 164cm
Side-cut: 254 - 340 - 236
Flex: 5/10 - Medium

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