Swix CH7 Liquid Spray Glidewax Violet 125ml Local Pick-Up

Swix CH7 Liquid Spray Glidewax Violet 125ml Local Pick-Up


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Utah Ski Gear offers a

CH7 Liquid Violet Glider spray on ski wax from Swix is an easy to apply fluor free ski wax formulated for cold temperatures, best below the freezing point. Extremely durable, this wax is great for ambitious citizen racers, skiing enthusiasts and recreational skiers. Quick to apply, just spray on your bases, allow to completely dry by waiting 15 minutes. Finish by a quick polish with a blue nylon brush like Swix T0160B. You can count on Utah Ski Gear for all your recreational waxing needs and supplies!

  • Versatile spray-on ski wax
  • 125ml
  • For snow between 19°F to 28°F (-2°C to 7°C)
  • No iron needed
  • For all snow conditions, but best below freezing

Part Number: CH07XL-120

*Note: Fluorinated waxes are banned by some racing federations. Check wax restrictions before use in competition.