Swix Cross Country Ski Wax Kit

Swix Cross Country Ski Wax Kit


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The Cross Country Ski Wax Kit from Swix includes all tools you need to perform a professional wax job before you go out to nature's playground. The included base cleaner removes old wax and other impurities. The fiberlene towel wipes your skis clean, leaving you a pristine surface on which to apply either blue or violet grip wax, as well as liquid violet glide wax. The natural cork is perfect for rubbing in your liquid wax applications, leaving you with freshly finished nordic skis.
  • Liquid waxes and accessories for nordic skis
  • 2.4oz (70mL) Swix Base Cleaner
  • 20m (65 ft.) Fiberlene towel
  • 2.4oz (70mL) Liquid Blue Grip Wax for snow between 5F to 28F (-15C to -2C)
  • 2.4oz (70mL) Liquid Violet Grip Wax for snow between 27F - 32F (-3C to 0C)
  • 2.7oz (80mL) Liquid Violet Glide Wax for snow between 22F - 34F (-6C to 1C)
  • Ergonomic natural cork for rubbing in waxes
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