Swix HF6BW High Fluoro Ski Wax, Blue, 40g

Swix HF6BW High Fluoro Ski Wax, Blue, 40g


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HF6 Swix Black Wolf Wax is a high fluoro performance ski wax that contains a solid lubricant additive (BW) that reduces friction on cold or contaminated snow for an unforgettable sliding experience. Great as an alpine or cross country ski wax, this durable ski wax has been used as a race wax by itself, or as a base layer before applying a Cera F powder overlay for even more enhanced performance.

    Fluorinated ski wax for alpine & cross country
  • Formulated for cold conditions: 14°F to 23°F (-10°C to -5°C)
  • Recommended iron setting: 293°F (145°C)
  • For better performance on artificial snow or transformed natural snow
  • 40g (1.4oz)

Part Number: HF6BWX-4

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