Swix Ski Base-Edge File Holder - 0.75° | TA0075

Swix Ski Base-Edge File Holder - 0.75° | TA0075


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The Swix Base-Edge File Guide is great for precision file work on base edges. For best results use the Swix T240 Pocket Stone to remove damage spots on the edge then use the fileguide to set the edge angle. The base edge angle should always be set before the side edge angle. After filing, use a fine gummy stone, diamond stone, or ceramic stone to remove filing burrs then dull the edge 5-10cm from the tip and tail with a file or stone to prevent erratic handling.

  • Very precise base-edge file guide
  • Produces a 0.75° base edge bevel
  • Lightweight
  • Aluminum

Part Number: TA0075