Swix Ski Racing Tuning & Waxing Kit


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This Swix waxing and tuning kit contains everything you need for a professional level tune at home. Swix is known for producing high-quality tuning supplies and we've picked all of our favorite items to include in this kit. This Ultimate Swix tuning kit contains everything that an elite ski racer needs, but it is also extremely easy for entry level ski tuners to use. This Utah Ski Gear exclusive kit allows you to save money on all of your ski tuning tools.
  • Nylon Oval Brush (T0161O) for removing excess wax after scraping.
  • Steel Oval Brush (T0179) for immediate use after waxing and scraping your skis. This course brush can also be used before waxing to remove any dirt or old wax accumulation.
  • Fine Nylon Oval Brush (T0160) for polishing the bases and removing fine wax particles. This is used as the final brush after the nylon and steel brushes.
  • 100 Grit Diamond Stone (TAA100S) for deburring and sharpening ski edges. This can either be used by itself to sharpen edges or as an additional touch after using a file.
  • 600 Grit Diamond Stone (TAA600S) for polishing and hardening ski edge after they have been sharpened. .
  • T77 Economy Iron (T77110) for melting wax onto skis. With an adjustable temperature from 100° – 150° C, it can be used with any ski wax.Angled side and ergonomic body for even melting.
  • Swix WC Chrome Bastard File (T107X) for setting and sharpening edges. This file has been hard chromed in order to increase its durability. The Swix WC Chrome Bastard File is 8 inches long and 13 tpcm.
  • 4 mm scraper for removing wax that has been melted onto skis.
Part Number: USG-AF-WTK