Toko Axle For Snowboard Rotary Brushes - 300mm - 5542584

Toko Axle For Snowboard Rotary Brushes - 300mm - 5542584


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Don't forget to buy an axle for all of those snowboard roto brushes. The Toko Axle for Snowboard Rotary Brushes is just the piece you need to complete your fast paced snowboard waxing set up. With rotary brushes, you can quickly brush and polish the waxes on any snowboard in a snap, much quicker than doing it by hand. Just attach any snowboard size rotary brush (300mm width) to the Toko Snowboard Axle and fasten it to any normal hand drill. Make sure your drill is set to a low rpm and then lightly brush the base of the snowboard. Different brushes require a different number of passes but make sure you finish with two smooth tip to tail strokes. As a safety precaution, it is recommended that you wear protective eye covers.
  • Single axle with a handle for snowboard roto brushes
  • Fits 300mm (11.8in) wide brushes
  • Attaches to any standard drill
  • Speeds up base brushing and wax polishing
  • Set drill to 800 rpm for best results
List Price: $83.70/ Part Number: 5542584