100mL Toko Express Pocket Universal Liquid Wax | Local Pick-up Only

100mL Toko Express Pocket Universal Liquid Wax | Local Pick-up Only


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The Toko Express Pocket Universal Liquid Wax is fast to apply and even faster on the mountain. With a low profile and easy to use sponge applicator, this Express Pocket Wax is perfect for on the go tuning and mid-day touch ups. It’s based on natural, biodegradable, raw materials making it kinder to the environment than some of those other liquid waxes. 

To apply, use the sponge applicator to rub an even layer of wax across the base of the skis. Let it dry and you’re ready to slide! We love this Toko Express liquid wax for its versatility. After a long day of skiing, the express pocket stick can be applied as a rust protector for the edges. And in the backcountry, the express stick is perfect for waxing up those touring skins for maximum glide. 

  • 100ml Liquid Wax
  • Temperature Range: 32°F to -22°F (0°C to -30°C)
  • Snow Type: Universal
  • Easy to use rub on wax for Ski/Snowboard bases
  • Improves glide and slide on the snow
  • Protects Ski/Snowboard bases!
  • Comes with sponge applicator 
  • Can be used as rust protection for ski edges
  • Works on touring skins! 

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