Toko HF Hot Wax - Yellow - 40g - 5501021

Toko HF Hot Wax - Yellow - 40g - 5501021


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Need a ski wax for warm and sticky snow? No problem, the Toko HF Hot Wax Yellow is just what you need to prime your bases for ultimate sliding on a warm day. This high fluorinated ski wax is designed for snow around -6C to 0C. Toko HF waxes have a high fluorine content to ward away dirt and moisture, giving you a great ride all day long even when the snow is damp and wet. This soft ski wax binds your top waxes to your ski longer, so you can shred from dawn until dusk. This wax will stay fresh, because it comes in a resealable package.
  • High fluorinated ski wax
  • Snow Temperature: -6C - 0C ( 21.2F - 32F)
  • Wax Iron Temperature: 120C - 130C ( 250F - 265F)
  • Increases sliding action of ski by repelling water and dirt
  • 40g (1.41 oz)

Part Number: 5501021 UPC: 4250423601599

*Note: Fluorinated waxes are banned by some racing federations. Check wax restrictions before use in competition.