Toko NF Wax Kit

Toko NF Wax Kit


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Our Toko NF Wax Kit is a perfect collection for the serious ski waxer. This kit includes 3 different non fluorinated ski waxes for different weather conditions, a Toko T8 Waxing Iron, 3mm Plexi Blade, nylon base brush, storage bag and wax card. The NF training waxes from Toko are easy to work with, while they hydrate and protect your ski bases for recreational skiing. You will love the patented base plate design of the T8 wax iron. This iron heats up quickly and maintains an even distribution of heat for easier wax spreading. The 5mm Utah Ski Gear wax scraper has rounded corners, which are easier to work with than the sharp square corners. One corner is notched so you can quickly remove any wax that has built up on your ski edges. Finish the job with the Toko Nylon Brush, which is really the only base brush you need. Store your entire ski tuning equipment in the Toko mesh bag that comes with a handy wax card. The NF Wax Kit makes a great gift for any skier.
  • 120g NF Hot Wax Yellow for snow -6 to 0C (21.2-32F) Iron setting: 130C( 270F)
  • 120g NF Hot Wax Red for snow -12 to -4C (10.4-24.8F) Iron setting: 140C (280F)
  • 120g NF Hot Wax Blue for snow -30 to -10C (-22 to 14F) Iron setting: 150C (300F)
  • Toko T8 wax iron temp range: 212-320F (100-160C) is a North American model, 110V with the standard plug
  • 3mm Plexi Blade scrapes extra wax off skis
  • Toko Nylon Brush textures wax for snow contact and provides a professional finish
  • Mesh storage bag and wax card
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