Toko Rotary Cork Roller - 5542533

Toko Rotary Cork Roller - 5542533


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High fluorocarbon powders and waxes are sometimes better applied without an iron. This is what the Toko Rotary Cork Roller was made for. Use overlapping strokes with the Toko Rotary Cork with a shaft and handle. Set your drill to a low rpm and use light pressure for the best all around results. This cork roller applies JetStream and other glide waxes quickly and efficiently, saving you time at the race.
  • 100mm (3.4in) cork roller
  • For applying high fluoro powders and quick glide finishes
  • Use with a standard drill and Toko Single Axle Rotary
  • Set drill to low speed (800 rpm to 2500rpm)
Part Number: 5542533 UPC: 080500025321