Ultimate Ski Binding Mounting Kit


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If you are a skier who also loves to DIY then this binding mounting kit is exactly what you need. The Ultimate Binding Mounting Kit includes everything that you need to mount a pair of bindings. You can use this mounting kit with alpine bindings, touring bindings, telemark bindings, and snowboard bindings. All tools and accessories are manufactured by Wintersteiger.
  • 100 mixed color plastic hole plugs for filling old binding screw holes. This will prevent water from entering the ski and protect the materials.
  • 5 wooden hole plugs for filling binding screw holes that are extra damaged, usually from a binding pulling out directly from the ski.
  • 3.5 mm drill bit, works with most drills and is 9.5 mm long.
  • 4.1 drill bit for use with skis with a metal sheet generally. 9.5 mm long and compatible with most drills.
  • Binding Tap #12AB for setting screw threads in skis with a metal sheet or high density/carbon cores. The binding tap twists into the ski and allows you to set a straight thread for screws.
  • 10 Plastic Inserts to be used when your mounting screw has been stripped.
  • 2 Metal Inserts to be used when your mounting screw has been stripped.
  • Gauge Drill Bit for drilling brass or plastic inserts (included) into skis or snowboards. Gauge Drill Bit is 8 mm wide and the depth is adjustable. It is compatible with standard drills.