Wend NF Warm Ski No Fluoro Ski Wax - 100g

Wend NF Warm Ski No Fluoro Ski Wax - 100g


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For winter snow that's on the warmer side of the spectrum, wax your skis or board with Wend NF Performance Warm. This bulk wax has a bit of Wend's famous MeadowFoam component, a botanical oil extracted from flowers. MeadowFoam helps the wax penetrate and adhere to your bases for a smoother ride and longer durability. This soft wax has a low melting point and is easy to work with.
  • Non fluorinated wax for skis and snowboards
  • Warm formula, for temperatures above 28F (-2C)
  • 100g bulk bar (3.5oz)
  • Set wax iron to 140F (60C)
  • Contains MeadowFoam oil
Part Number: Wend Wax Works WBB11100-A  or 57-212-423