Wintersteiger BBGU Buffing Wheel With 3 Phase 220V Power Local Pick-Up


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Wintersteiger BBGU wax buffing and de-burring wheel is perfect to put your small home tuning shop on the next level with high speed buffing and edge de-burring options. Has 2 separate wheels, one that is more aggressive and is used to polish the base of the ski and remove and fine hairs to give you more speed on the hill. And the other wheel is finer, and can also be used to buff out a ski. But from the looks of the groove on the wheel it looks like it was used to de-bur the edges, a huge time saver over rubbing it down with a gummy stone. Comes with a 3 phase 220V power chord. If your not sure what 3 phase power is, you most likely don't have it in your house, and would need a converter. If you do have 3 phase power, you should be all set. Local pickup only. Please contact us with any questions. Info on tag: ELIN: Typ: LKM 608 N04 F3N-9 3~MOT|Nr: 0298412 ^/Y 220/380 V | 3.75/2.15 A 1400 1/min|50 Hz VDE 0530|OVE-M10/ ISOL CLB IP54 80NY4