425g Slik Stick Graphite Ski Wax by Wintersteiger-Discontinued

425g Slik Stick Graphite Ski Wax by Wintersteiger-Discontinued


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Wintersteiger Slik Stick Black is a graphite wax, for all snow conditions 12F to 32F (-11C to 0C). Wintersteiger Slik Waxes have a lower coefficient of friction and a larger temperature range than most other waxes. Keep your skis and snowboards running smoothly and consistently in a wider variety of conditions. Wintersteiger Slik Waxes seal, lubricateand protect ski and snowboard bases. Slik waxes have a smaller crystalline structure that is designed to penetrate the new harder ski and snowboard bases for a longer lasting protection and faster glide.
  • Bulk wax for skis and snowboards
  • 12F to 32F (-11c to 0c)
  • Any snow conditions
  • 425g (15 oz)

Part Number: 57-203-325 UPC: 609132288982

*Disclaimer: Fluorinated waxes are banned by some racing federations. Check wax restrictions before use in competition.