How to Wax Your Skis

Whether you are a novice skier or have been skiing your whole life, learning how to wax your skis is a great way to keep your skis in good condition while also saving money. Luckily, waxing skis are not very complicated and with a little bit of practice, you can be a pro at ski waxing! We have hundreds of ski wax types - from rub on ski wax to all-purpose ski wax. We also have ski wax kits available, which are perfect for people who are learning how to wax skis and do not have any equipment yet. One of our most popular ski wax kits is the Greatest Hits Wax Kit- which supplies everything you need to get starting with waxing your own skis.

Learn how to wax your skis by following the steps below!



  1. Turn on waxing iron
    1. Set the desired temperature.
    2. For Purl all temperature wax: 110 C- 140 C
    3. Keep below smoking
  2. Secure skis on a flat surface.
    1. Using a tuning vise will make this process easier and safer
  3. Strap the brakes back so they don’t get in the way while waxing
    1. A thick rubber band or ski strap works well
  4. Aggressively brush skis to brush out any dirt or leftover wax
  5. Hold wax above the ski base and let it drop over the base.
    1. Too little will burn the ski base
    2. Too much will require excessive ironing
  6. Place the iron on the ski base and slowly spread the wax droplets over the entire base
    1. Make sure all of the wax is melted smoothly
    2. Do not stop anywhere on the base as this can burn the base
  7. Wait for the wax on the ski to dry completely



  1. Use the plastic scraper to scrape the wax from tip to tail.
    1. Angle it in the direction of travel
    2. Using overlapping and continuous strokes
    3. You are finished when there is no more visible wax
  2. Use your brush to remove wax that remains in the pores
    1. Brush from tip to tail
  3. Brush for about 20 strokes
    1. You will notice the wax particles will begin to lessen

While it may seem simple, learning how to wax your skis does take a bit of practice. You need to be careful with the iron because it is hot and you also have to be careful around the ski edges so that you do not get cut. However, with the correct training and the hundreds of waxes that Utah Ski Gear offers, you will know how to wax your skis in no time.