Rentals and Demos at Utah Ski Gear

Our ski and snowboard rental packages are available at the lowest prices in the Salt Lake Valley. We’re located conveniently near the base of the Cottonwoods, so you can pick up your rental reservation on your way to the mountains. When you arrive, we will quickly and professionally assist you from the bench to the slopes!

Whether you are planning your ski days in advance or only the day before, you'll find great skis, snowboards, and top-performance name-brand demos. Please note: we do not require reservations to rent equipment, however, it is recommended.

 Have Questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly rental specialists at
801-413-8009, or e-mail

Remember you can stop in any time for a rental. Our well-informed staff can also assist with directions, resort information, and ski conditions, as well. 

Rental Packages

Youth Ski Package

Includes Skis, Boots, and Poles

Adult Ski Package

Includes Skis, Boots, and Poles

Twin Tip Package

Includes Twin Tip Skis, Boots, and Poles

Performance Ski Package

Includes Nordica All Drive 84 Skis, Performance Ski Boots, and Poles

Youth Snowboard Package

Includes Snowboard, Boots, and Bindings

Adult Snowboard Package

Includes Snowboard, Boots, and Bindings

A la Carte Rental Pricing Per Day

Skis & Boards

Adult Skis                         $14

Twin Tip Skis                   $14

Youth Skis                        $10

Adult Snowboard            $14

Youth Snowboard           $10

Demo Skis                       $30

Premium Demo Skis      $50


Adult Ski Boots                   $10

Youth Ski Boots                  $7.50

Adult Snowboard Boots      $10

Youth Snowboard Boots    $7.50

Performance Ski Boots        $15

Heated Ski Boots               $20


Poles                                $5

Helmet                             $5

Goggles                           $5

Snowboard Bindings     $7

Snow Pants                   $10

Ski Jacket                       $10

Gloves                              $5

Demo Skis

Premium Demo Skis

Ski & Snowboard Boot Lineup

Rental & Demo FAQ

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600E 9400S Sandy, Utah 84047