Inspirational Female Skiers

Sierra Quitiquit- Nordica
Sierra grew up ski racing in Park City, Utah and has since become a well-known freestyle skier. She has starred in Warren Miller films and has also produced her own documentary. On top of being a pro-skier, she is also an international fashion model. Her ability to excel in both careers shows that you can truly have the best of both worlds with hard work and dedication. You'll find Sierra tearing up the mountain in her Nordica skis- one of our most popular ski brands.

Megan McJames- Darn Tough
Megan also grew up ski racing in Park City, Utah, but she continued with ski racing. She recently won the women’s giant slalom at the US Alpine Championships and has competed in two Winter Olympics. She has been racing independently, meaning she does not have financial support from the U.S Ski Team. Overcoming this obstacle displays her perseverance and strong work ethic, both on and off the ski hill. Megan uses Darn Tough socks to keep her feet warm on early morning training days!

Sofia Tchernetsky- Roxa boots
Although Sofia is only 14 years old, she has already made a name for herself in the ski industry. Hailing from Canada, Sofia is already competing in the Freestyle World Cup and is an aspiring Olympian. Even at her young age, she is able to do tricks that other professionals spend years attempting. You can find Sofia skiing in Roxa boots, one of the boot brands that we carry!

 Desiree Melancon- Coal Hats 
While actually a snowboarder, Desiree deserves some recognition for her impressive snowboarding skills. She is known for her street snowboarding and has dominated the entire snowboarding scene, not just the women's sector. Melancon's segment in Think Thank Methods Of Prediction earned her 'Video Segment of the Year', helping put women's snowboarding on the map. Desiree wears a Coal hat every time she snowboards!

Caroline Gleich- Nordica Skis

Caroline is a Wasatch Mountain local and is known for being the first women to complete all of the ski lines in the Wasatch area. In addition to being a professional skier and mountaineer, Caroline is also a big environmental advocate. Her perseverance both on the mountain and socially is admirable. Along with Sierra, Caroline also shreds on Nordica skis.