How to Ski with Kids

and Have Fun!

If you are a parent that loves to ski then there’s a chance that you have been counting down the days until you could ski with your children. Sometimes skiing with kids can be difficult, but luckily there are a few ways to make the experience easier!


Bringing along a little bag of goldfish or a few pieces of candy is one of the most effective ways to motivate kids to ski. Bring something that is small and easy to quickly eat on the chairlift. Lifesavers are a nice fruity candy that dissolves quickly and is designed to reduce choking. They also come in a variety of flavors so you children can choose their favorite. Sometimes a simple piece of candy can persuade your child to try a harder run or substitute a hot chocolate break.

Toe Clips

Toe clips, such as the Lucky bum’s easy wedge can make a large difference in your child’s skiing experience. They help keep their skis together at the front, making it easier for them to stay in a wedge. While they will eventually want to have their skis parallel, it is important that they start in a wedge in order to control their speed and practice their balance. Lucky Bums specializes in making useful and effective toddler ski equipment.

Keep it Short

Always leave the mountain with your child wanting more. This will prevent them from ending the ski day in tears and not wanting to come back. This can mean just doing a few runs with younger children or keeping it at 2 hours for older children. Skiing can be surprisingly tiring as well so keeping the ski day short will help optimize their energy.


While a gaiter may seem like a small accessory, it can significantly improve your child’s ski experience. It helps keep both the neck and face warm, which are two important areas for heat maintenance. A gaiter or balaclava also assists in preventing snow from hitting the face and entering the top of the jacket. If a traditional thick gaiter is uncomfortable for your child, try a thinner gaiter such as Turtle Fur’s Totally Tubular comfort shell.  Because Balaclavas cover the entire head, they also keep the ears warm and prevent any cold wind chills.


A backpack is a convenient way to store snacks, additional layers, or anything else that you may think you need when skiing with kids. If you bring a small backpack then you can carry all of your stuff while you ski, rather than storing it at the lodge. This can be extremely convenient if you accidentally draw out the ski day too much or your child decides to break down in the middle of a ski run. You can quickly stash everything in your backpack and head out.

The most important part about skiing with kids is to keep it fun! Balance and skills come over time, but your child needs to enjoy the sport in order for this to happen. If you're looking for ways to save money with your family check out our article on affordable skiing in Utah.