Skiing Nutrition



Do’s & Don’ts of Ski Nutrition


  • Pack a snack
    • Trail mix, dried fruit, and power bars are great choices
  • Eat breakfast
    • Omelets, whole grain toast with peanut butter, and fruit are a good combination
  • Balance the grains and protein
    • This will provide you the most long term energy
  • Make sure to hydrate
    • Remember, skiing is a sport! Staying hydrated is one of the best ways to maintain energy through the day


  • Eat too much the night before
    • Overeating will affect the quality of your sleep
  • Be tempted by the fried food at lunch
    • Although it tastes good, it will bloat you and depreciate your energy
  • Drink too much coffee
    • Although it energizes you, it will also further dehydrate you
  • Be afraid of a little bit of sugar
    • Having a little bit of sugar can help give you an extra boost of quick energy. Don’t have too much though!