How to Use the UTA Ski Bus for Skiing


The UTA Ski Bus is a great alternative to driving to the ski resort.  UTA stands for Utah Transit Authority, who runs all of the public transportation in Utah. The ski bus drops you off right at the hill so you don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot and you can avoid carrying your ski gear across the parking lot. Riding the UTA Ski Bus also reduces traffic on the road as well as carbon emissions. We’ve answered some frequent questions that passengers have in order to help you ride the UTA Ski Bus with ease.

When does the UTA Ski Bus start for the season?

The Cottonwood Canyon UTA ski bus resumed service on December 2nd, 2018.  The Weber and Davis county Ski Bus service started on December 16th, 2018. The Utah County Ski Bus service also started on December 16th, 2018.

What ski resorts does the UTA Ski Bus service?

  • The ski bus services all of the resorts in the Cottonwood Canyons, meaning Solitude, Brighton, Alta, and Snowbird. There is also a Weber and Davis County route that goes to Powder Mountain and Snowbasin. The Utah County Ski Bus service travels to Sundance.

Where do the UTA Ski buses go in the Salt Lake Valley?

The Cottonwood Canyon resort buses are the primary buses that go through the Salt Lake Valley. The PC SLC Connect Service allows for travel between Salt Lake City and Park City, where there is a free local bus available for skiers. If you need to travel beyond these limits, or would like to go to a more specific place, then make sure to get a UTA transfer pass from your bus driver upon entrance. A transfer will give you the ability to use the buses, TRAX, and Streetcar in your necessary area.

  • The 953 bus starts at  Midvale Ft. Union Station, which is located at 7250 South and 180 West and services Little Cottonwood Canyon
  • The 994 bus also services the Little Cottonwood Canyon resorts and ends at 9000 South and 165 East which is known as the Historic Sandy Station
  • The 972 bus services Big Cottonwood Canyon starts at Bingham Junction Station  (Rt F570, F578, Red line)and goes to Solitude  and Brighton

How often does the Ski Bus run?

  • At peak times most of the buses run at 15-minute intervals, and every 30 minutes off peak.  Early in the morning,  some buses will only run once an hour - usually this consists of the first to second run only.   The buses run less frequently during the week.

How much does the UTA Ski Bus cost?

  • The UTA ski bus for skiing costs $4.50 for a single ride but is free with a seasons pass. The busses are all equipped with ‘tap and go’ technology for more efficient payment. An exact fare is required if paying with cash. You do not have to purchase your bus pass beforehand, and can do it on the bus.

Can I bring my skis or snowboard on the ski bus?

  • Yes, you can! Be sure to hold on to your skis and poles tightly so they don’t accidentally hit another passenger. There are also dedicated ski and snowboard racks outside of the bus if you prefer that.

How do I know if I am getting on the right ski bus?

  • Each UTA ski bus will have the bus route number listed on the front of the bus. If you are still unsure then you can ask your bus driver and they can try to help you.

Do the UTA ski bus stops have waiting shelters?

  • The majority of bus stops have covered shelters and some are even heated!

I’m at the bus stop, how do I know when my bus is coming?

  • Each bus stop will have a sign with the stop ID number, which can be used for UTA’s ride time system. All you need to do is text UTA- UTA (882-882) with the stop ID number and a text messages will be sent you with the upcoming bus times for your location or ask your driver specifically.

Is there parking at the UTA ski bus stops?

  • Each ski bus route has a number of parking lots available for riders. Check your bus route map for the closest and most convenient parking lot for your location.

How do I let the driver know when it is my stop?

  • Inside the bus, there is a yellow cord attached to the windows, just tug on the cord lightly and the bus driver will be notified that you would like to get off that the next stop. Make sure to give them enough time, especially in snowy or icy conditions.