What is a BSL and Why is it Important?

What is a BSL and Why is it Important?

BSL stands for boot sole length. This is the sole length of your ski boot measured in millimeters. While you’ll still need a final adjustment made on your bindings before you can ski, providing us with your BSL is critical for the binding mounting process. Our ski technicians will use this exact number to mount your bindings. If this number is not accurate, even by a few millimeters, you will most likely not be able to properly click into your bindings which leads to issues with the proper fit and safety of your bindings.

How do I find my BSL?

If you would like us to send your skis pre-mounted with your bindings we need this information. Luckily, your BSL should be very easy to find. In most cases, there is no need to measure your boots. Your ski boot will have this three-digit number on the outside or inside of the heel on one or both of your boots, usually with the millimeter abbreviation (mm) following the number. (ex:305mm). 

There should be no decimal points in the number. (ex. 25.5) this is your Mondo Point size which is not an accurate enough number to mount your bindings. 

Although it is not preferred, If you’ve looked everywhere and can’t find your BSL it’s then acceptable to measure the length of your sole. Just make sure you’re doing so in millimeters. Start from the very tip of the toe to the back of the heel.