G3 PIVOT Backcountry Ski Poles 2021 in Short and Long

G3 PIVOT Backcountry Ski Poles 2021 in Short and Long


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The G3 Pivot Poles for the backcountry feature unbeatable packability and strength, making these the best poles for splitboarding and backcountry travel. PIVOT poles wrap around the handle and lock into place when packed, making it extremely easy to fit in your backpack or attach to the outside. This nesting feature gives a secure finish when packed, which is ideal for splitboarders as well as for travel.

They are specially engineered with aluminum for strength and flexibility. Splitboarders were kept in mind during the design of these poles, since they have different needs in regards to bindings and transitions when skinning. The extended utility tab at the nose if the perfect tool for manipulating your bindings on the move with a shape that allows for the pushing or pulling specific to splitboard bindings. For some bindings it may be easier to use the basket to do this, so the PIVOT basket is designed to help you do it and keep you moving. 

The grip on these poles is extremely versatile, featuring extended foam and yellow rings along the shaft that make it super easy to select more than one hand position when traversing. The rings also speed up transitions by giving something to pull against when locking the pole into place. Bonus: these grips are super soft and comfortable! 

  • Aluminum touring poles
  • Some of the best poles for splitboarding and backcountry travel
  • Short min length: 105cm, short max length 125cm
  • Long min length 115 cm, long max length 135cm
  • Short weight: 295g (10.4oz) (per pole), long weight 306g (10.8oz) (per pole)
  • Light and strong
  • Foldable and packable backcountry poles
  • Recommended user height: 4'9"-6' short poles, 5'4"-6'6" long poles

Part Numbers: 8080-BLACK-S and 8080-BLACK-L