Holmenkol Racing Mix Wet Ski Wax - 70g - H24950

Holmenkol Racing Mix Wet Ski Wax - 70g - H24950


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Holmenkol Racing Mix Wet ski wax is highly fluorinated for racing and training both alpine and nordic styles. This high fluoro ski wax lets you accelerate and glide much faster than other waxes, and repels dirt and water with ease, maximizing your speed and the wax's abrasion resistance.
  • High fluoro wax for Alpine and Nordic racing
  • For fine, coarse and wet snow conditions
  • Snow temperature -4 to 0C (25-32F)
  • Apply with a wax iron set to 115-125C (239-257F)
  • 70g (2.5 oz.)
  • Great for sintered and extruded bases on premium skis

Part Number: HK-H24950

*Disclaimer: Fluorinated waxes are banned by some racing federations. Check wax restrictions before use in competition.