Hotronic Power Plus S4+ Battery Pack (Used)

Hotronic Power Plus S4+ Battery Pack (Used)

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The Hotronic Power Plus S4+ Battery Pack is stronger than ever before. The switch is redesigned to prevent unintended switching. This battery is for use with ski boot heaters from Hotronic. This super powerful battery contains 4 NiMH cells that work even in the coldest weather. Fully rechargeable, the S4+ battery has 4 temperatures settings ranging between 84 and 173 degrees Fahrenheit. At its most efficient, the S4+ lasts up to 21 hours. Use the first 3 temperatures settings for keeping feet warm, and reserve the fourth heat blast setting for when your cold toes need an extra surge of warmth. Upgrade your current Hotronic battery to the S4+ for longer lasting, more intense foot warming capabilities. This battery pack is compatible with the 'White Plug Charger'.  Battery has been tested and found reliable.  Can be returned and warrantied within 180-day of purchase.
  • One Battery pack for Hotronic Ski Boot Warmers manufactured in 2020
  • Fully rechargeable
  • 4 NiMH battery cells
  • 4 temperature setting from 84-173F (29-78C)
  • Lasts up to 21 hours
Part Number: 01-0100-1143-USD

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