Hotronic Semi-Custom Heat Ready Insoles - 1 pair - Small - 23.0-24.5

Hotronic Semi-Custom Heat Ready Insoles - 1 pair - Small - 23.0-24.5


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These heated insoles from Hotronic are anatomically shaped to support the arch of the foot, so you can enjoy the ultimate comfort when warming your feet with these battery powered ski boot heaters. These Semi Custom Heat Ready Insoles can fit US women's shoe sizes 6 to 7.5. Just trim the insoles down to fit the smaller size, attach the heating elements and battery packs and off you go on a long adventure in the coldest weather with comfy feet all day long. These custom boot heater insoles are compatible with all Hotronic battery packs and heating elements. To install, first make sure the heating element is situated directly under the ball of your foot. Then cut a narrow slit for the heating element cord to run through and stick the heating element on the bottom of the custom insole. Attach the heating element to the battery pack and you're all set. For detailed instructions on how to set up your Hotronics, check out our guide.
  • Heated insoles fit in any shoe
  • Size Small: 23.0-24.5 (US Women's 6-7.5, Men's 5-6.5)
  • Trim to a custom fit
  • Compatible with Hotronic battery packs and heat elements
Part Number: 1324