One MFG Owl 5x4in Snowboard Traction SNOWBOARD ACCESSORIES OneBall

One MFG Owl 5x4in Snowboard Traction


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Slap this wide eyed friend on your board to ensure that you always have great traction and clean boots before strapping in. When applying you want to make sure that the surface of your board is clean and that you know exactly where you want to place it as you should only stick it to a board once. It is also recommended to let it adhere to the board for 12 hours before riding. If you are wise like an owl and follow these few tips, you are going to be sure to love this traction pad.
  • Stomp pad for snowboards
  • Owl Design
  • 5"x4"
  • Clear, grippy rubber
  • Installation instructions on the package
Part Number:ASO

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