Stockli Stormrider 95 22/23 + Marker Jester 16 ID w/ 100mm Brake


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Utah Ski Gear offers a

Power. Precision. Poise. 

The Stockli Stormrider 95 is a seriously versatile All-Mountain tool for aggressive riding across diverse terrain. Hardpack, powder, variable’s all butter to the hot knife that is the Stormrider 95.

The magic of the Stormrider comes from its lightweight wood core with two sheets of titanal laid on top. This construction delivers that same, super-smooth feel and stable ride that we've come to expect from the Swiss brand. With Freeride Tip Technology, this feature decreases the swing weight of the skis and provides quick turning prowess and energy in tight spots as well as soft snow performance. 

The look of the Stormrider is hallmarked by its simple yet eye-catching metallic top sheet. But it's not all about looks as there's actually some functionality nested in the unique design. The top sheet is reinforced with Titanal Tec Pro which provides the skis with a super lightweight and extremely durable protective layer. The thinness of these top sheets allows for the binding/boot to be as close to the skis as possible which in turn makes way for some incredibly quick energy transfers. 

While the Stormrider can be skied at a range of speeds, this ski shines especially bright when blazing through variable terrain at high speeds. There are a handful of skis that can do what the Stormrider can when it comes to charging through chopped-up snow but few, if any can do it with the grace and Bentley-esque smoothness that the Stormrider 95 delivers. 

The price tag may be a little jarring but there's a reason that Stockli has become something of a cult brand with the most loyal customers in the industry. The delicate building process, high-quality materials, and precise performance make Stockli skis feel like nothing else. Don’t believe us? You might just have to try it for yourself…

Since its conception, the Marker Jester has ruled supreme as the choice for ultra aggressive freeride and freestyle skiers looking for maximum retention and top notch durability. With a DIN range of 6-16, the Jester was made for skiers who like to spend time sending hits and landing hard on features. Unlike other bindings, the Jester won't crumble and crack under that insane pressure. No, these bindings were made to ski hard. 

Just like the rest of the Marker Royal lineup, the Jester was completely redesigned for 21/22. The Jester’s Toe and Heel Pieces were upgraded into the Triple Pivot Elite toe and the Inter Pivot 3 freeride heel. With the addition of magnesium, these pieces have improved stiffness while making for an overall lighter binding. The upgrade has also improved edge grip and control. In addition to the beefed up performance, the Jester 16 ID is a lot easier to step into than Jester’s of the past! Marker has also added an Anti Ice Rail to help scrape off any snow that gets caked to the bottom of your boots.

Take your skiing to the next level with the Marker Jester 16 ID. 





Recommended Skier Weight:


Stand height:




Boot Type:

Alpine, GW, Touring


Stainless Steel

Heel Adjustment Range:


Product Code: 



Utah Ski Gear Condition Rating SystemNew | Like New |Very Good | Good | Fair | Poor

Top-sheet: New!

Base: New!

Edges: New!

Binding: Marker Jester 16 ID w/ 100mm Brake

Sidecut: 132-95-123

Turn Radius: 15.2@166, 17.2@175, 19.4@184, 21.8@193

Note* Utah Ski Gear will include a free binding mount with the purchase of a new ski and binding.

Special Safety Notice for Bindings: We urge you to take your boots and bindings to a shop certified by the bindings’ manufacturer to have a function check. The majority of shops will charge for this service.Even though we may, by request, check to see if a binding should fit your boot sole length, such an adjustment and fit check does not verify that the bindings will release properly with your boot. Only a certified shop can do this, with the user's boots present.

Skiing is dangerous. Ski at your own risk.

About Utah Ski Gear:

Utah Ski Gear was established in 2011 and we believe that skiing is for everyone. Helping our customers find the right equipment to get them and their family skiing is our passion. We understand price can be the biggest deterrent and because of this we offer new and used skis on a budget. For the more experienced skier looking for advanced gear we offer hard to find accessories like specialized tuning equipment and high performance skis. Customers preferring maximum comfort while skiing can find electric boot heaters, such as Hotronic FootWarmers.

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