Do's and Don'ts of Ski Boot Fitting - How to Fit a Pair of Ski Boots


Ski boots are one of the most important pieces of equipment and a properly fitting boot will make a large difference in your skiing experience. Ski boots are measured in Mondo sizes, which is similar to centimeters. It is important to remember that ski boots should not fit like a pair of shoes. You want them to be tight and secure in order to maximize performance and safety. At Utah Ski Gear, we make sure to take the time with our ski boot fitting, to ensure that you can have a great day on the mountain.


  • Wear loose-fitting pants that can be rolled up
    • Ski socks should be the only thing in your ski boots
  • Wear properly fitting ski socks
  • Buckle up the boots before you make a fitting decision
    • Buckling up the boot will put your foot in the correct position in the boot
  • Walk around in the boot to better ensure you have a good fit
    • Keep them on while you look at skis or accessories
  • Flex your boot forward so that your foot slides into the proper ski position
    • You will naturally be flexed when you ski
  • Attach the Power Strap Firmly
    • The power strap should always be on while skiing


  • Wear multiple pairs of socks
    • This will cause friction in the boot, take up more space, and reduce breathability
  • Wear ankle or cotton socks
    • Your socks should come up above the top of the ski boot
  • Be afraid if your toes are touching the front
    • In a proper fit, your toes should be touching the front when you are upright
  • Choose a boot based on the color
    • Comfort over color!
  • Over tighten your bottom buckles
    • The top buckles are the ones that keep your ankle in place, not the bottom ones
  • Try on a boot based on your shoe size
    • Measure in Mondo size or centimeters
  • Forget that ski boots will continue to pack down
    • Even used ski boots will continue to break in