Did someone take a piste of you heart?

Stockli Montero AW + Strive 11D Binding - 2024

Give the gift of Ferrari-esque carving!

The price tag may be a little jarring, but there's a reason that Stockli has become something of a cult brand with the most loyal customers in the industry. The intricate building process, high-quality materials, and precise performance make Stockli skis feel like nothing else. Don’t believe us? You might just have to try it for yourself…

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Stockli Nela 88 2024


"Damp" doesn't even begin to describe the silky-smooth ride of the Nela 88, even when the surface is chattery and rock hard, the balance between required input and edge hold is perfection, and the in-your-face Titanal topsheet is darn right beautiful. The Nela offers effortless skiing in all conditions.

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Looking for more playful freeride skis?

Elan Playmaker 101 Skis 2024

The Playmaker 101 perfectly blends a freeride ski's confident performance with a freestyle twin's personality. The 101 waist delivers the versatility to crush laps in any condition and terrain while carbon rods add stability and power rebound.

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The Dancer 2 is your go-to for pure all-mountain freeride bliss. Two razor-thin sheets of metal complement the sustainably-sourced wood core for the ideal blend of up-tempo energy, lightweight and stable, no-chatter, full-confidence handling. Its 96 mm waist is versatile to handle all conditions and all-terrain. You'll even float and dance above the choppy stuff thanks to the perfect touch of rocker.

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Keep your loved one warm no matter the conditions

Hotronic Heat Socks Set XLP 2P BT Surround Comfort Set


the Heat Sock Set XLP 2P Bluetooth Surround Comfort provides ultimate warmth, performance and comfort. The 2P version offers 18 hours of constant heating power, so you never have to worry about cold feet on the mountain or constantly recharging. This set combines a pair of 2P XLP BT battery packs with Hotronic's new technology that heats both the top and bottom of your toes.

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When you go skiing, your extremities are the parts of your body most exposed to the cold. The feeling of frozen feet can then quickly occur. Because your adventures don't have to be limited, Therm-ic has developed thin and breathable heated socks for more warmth and comfort. They combine innovative Smart Elastic Technology® heating and thermoregulating knitting technologies to provide maximum warmth while maintaining ease and precision in your movements.

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Great gifts, all under $30

G3 Tension Ski Strap



A backcountry necessity

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Darn Tough Ski Socks



An essential that every skier needs! Mid-weight and temperature regulating for a darn good time out on the mountain

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Love - Stomp Pad 



All for the love of boarding

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Footwear Drying Bags

Sidas Dryer Bag.jpg__PID:239c2270-02b4-4ed3-9413-6f13789f4eb9


Love skiing with them but don't love their stinky feet? These cedar dryer bags will quickly take care of that problem

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Reeces Scented Wax 



A universal wax that smells as good a the real deal

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Barkeater Chocolate



We said go beyond roses and chocolate.. but hey! Who doesn't love a good chocolate bar? It's also the best chairlift snack.

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Great gifts, under $100

Intuition Liners Bootie



There's nothing that says comfy cozy apres more than these fun booties!

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Arva 240 Probe



Your backcountry partner is special. Make sure they have the gear they need

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MFG Hot Wax Kit



Give them a wax kit so they have all the tools to wax your skis ;) 

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Leki Stella Mitten

Leki Stella .png__PID:78023875-6fbd-44aa-bba2-c85d1cc85556


Staying warm starts with high-quality gear. Using the trigger system, these are sure to be a hit

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Swix Ski Bag

Swix Road Trip.png__PID:0152941f-2060-4d61-9fcd-2660789624ad


Keep their skis safe for all the fun trips you have coming up with them

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Basic Tuning Kit 



Has your special someone had an interest in tuning? This is a great way to get started! 

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Feeling indecisive? Grab a Gift Card! Available in-store or via e-mail!

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