Hotronic Heat Socks Set XLP 2P BT Surround Comfort Set

Hotronic Heat Socks Set XLP 2P BT Surround Comfort Set


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New for the 2021/22 season, the Heat Sock Set XLP 2P Bluetooth Surround Comfort provides ultimate warmth, performance and comfort. The 2P version offers 18 hours of constant heating power, so you never have to worry about cold feet on the mountain or constantly recharging. This set combines a pair of 2P XLP BT battery packs with Hotronic's new technology that heats both the top and bottom of your toes. The surround comfort sock is designed to be comfortable without sacrificing performance. Control the heat levels with the Bluetooth App so no more bending over to make adjustments. These socks are perfect for all day hikes, ski trips, fishing adventures and more! Don't miss out on Hotronic's newest and most desirable heat sock. 

  • A new Bluetooth App controls the battery pack with iOS or Android
  • Merino wool wicks moisture away from the feet to stay dry and promote warmth
  • Reduced size and weight with increased capacity and longevity
  • Surround heating element covers top and bottom of toes
  • The safe, Global Recharger makes it easy to stay warm wherever you go
  • Soft compression (10-15 mmHg)
  • Soft made up of 74% Nylon, 20% Lycra/Spandex and 6% Merino wool

Part Number: 01-0100-351