How to Stay Warm in the Cold


A helmet isn’t just for safety! Helmets also keep your head warmer, which significantly impacts your body temperature. Try to eliminate the space between your goggles and helmet and if you need any extra warmth you can also wear a thin hat under your helmet. We offer Lucky Bums helmets for children and adults that are both affordable and warm.


Using a gaiter or balaclava is the only way that you can properly protect your face from the outside elements. They will help keep both your face and your neck warm and are an essential for staying warm on a cold day. A Turtle Fur 'neck tube' will provide warmth for your neck and face, while the 'Fog Free' neck gaiter will work to protect the nose and face. A lot of helmets are designed to include a small dial that allows for expansion or contraction. This helps if you want to wear a gaiter or Balaclava to keep you really warm on those especially chilly mornings on the slopes.

Electric Ski Boot Heaters

Hotronics are our number one seller for a reason: they keep your feet warm! Feet can be one of the hardest things to keep warm on a cold day, but electronic ski boot heaters work to disperse heat through out the day. Alpina heated boots have a built in boot heater, which make them super simple to use and keep warm. To learn more about Hotronics, click here

Hand warmers

Hand warmers are one of the easiest ways to stay warm on a cold day! Just shake them up and put them in your gloves for warmth all day! Pro tip: put them in your ski boots on the way up to the hill to warm up your boots before you put them on.

Breathable Clothing

Make sure the clothing you wear is breathable so that your clothing material stays dry. Dry clothing = warm clothing! Look for breathability in your base layers, mid layers, and your outer layers.

Move Around!

As long as you have breathable clothing, moving around will help maintain your warmth. Shake your hands and stay dynamic, even on the chairlift. This will help circulate the blood and keep you warm.