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Rent comfortable ski and snowboard equipment packages today! Ski your dreams on one of our high performance demos. You are free to use our fast online rentals or stop in and get fitted for your rental right in the shop. We make it a snap to find rental equipment while you are here or from the comfort and convenience of your home. Whether you are planning your ski days in advance or only the day before, you'll find great skis, snowboards, and top performance name brand demos.  With options to rent additional equipment such as boots, poles, skis, snowboards, helmets, and goggles, we have you covered.   When you arrive, we will quickly and professionally assist you from the bench to the slopes!  Be sure to include your shoe or boot size if you have it, your ski boot "Mondo" size, your age, birthday, height, weight, and any other necessary information.  If you are unfamiliar with this information, no need to worry - we're here to help.

If you would like to know more about the equipment in our rental program, we created this page to better help you in selecting your equipment.  Everything you need to know about our ski and snowboard rental packages, prices, what each package includes, and our "Try as You Buy" Demo skis, is all conveniently located right here.  Have Questions?  Don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly rental specialists at 801-413-8009, or e-mail .  Remember you can stop in any time for a rental.  Our well-informed staff can also assist with directions, resort information, and ski conditions, as well. Located conveniently near the base of the Cottonwoods, offering ski rentals in Sandy, Utah.    

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Rental Packages

Youth Ski Package: $15/Day

Includes: Skis, Boots, and Poles


Adult Twin-Tip Ski Package: $24/Day

Includes: Twin-Tip Skis, Boots, and Poles

Adult Ski Package: $24/Day

Includes: Skis, Boots, and Poles

Adult Performance Ski Package: $34/Day

Includes: Performance Skis, Performance Boots, and Poles


Adult Snowboard Package: $24/Day

Includes: Snowboard, and Boots

Youth Snowboard Package: $15/Day

Includes: Snowboard, and Boots


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À la carte Rentals (Per Day Pricing):


  • Adult Skis: $14
  • Adult Twin Tip Skis: $14
  • Adult Performance Skis: $19
  • Youth Skis: $10
  • Demo Skis: $30
  • Premium Demo Skis: $40


  • Adult Snowboard: $14
  • Youth Snowboard: $10


  • Adult Ski Boots: $10
  • Adult Performance Ski Boots: $15
  • Adult Heated Ski Boots: $20
  • Youth Ski Boots: $7.50
  • Adult Snowboard Boots: $10
  • Youth Snowboard Boots: $7.50


  • Helmet: $5
  • Poles: $5
  • Goggles: $5
  • Adult/Youth Snowboard Bindings: $7


      "TRY AS YOU BUY" DEMO SKIS:  $30/Daily

      If you want to test out a new pair of high performance skis, then our demo program is perfect for you. Ski the newest and greatest from Elan, Fischer, and Nordica. If you decide you would like to purchase a pair of brand new skis, you can use up to 3 days demo fees toward the price of a new ski – a savings of up to $90 for the ski of your dreams!

      Elan Freeline (Ski Blades)

      Due to the reasonable price and high quality Step in Release bindings, we find these to be the best 2021 snowblades on the market. These fit any hard shell ski boots from sizes 4-16 and have a very durable top skin, allowing for some long lasting blades. Bi-directional construction offers longitudinal and lateral flex without adding weight and hardened fully wrapped steel edges allow for optimal grip when turning. The turn radius for 99cm models is 9.7 so extremely tights turns are what you'll find. 

      Elan Wildcat 82 C

      If you are looking for a best friend to cruise with all day long, look no further than the Wildcat 82 C. Made with the best innovation in the game, it is designed to get the most out of skiers. The lightweight laminated wood core provides a stable and smooth ride, while the carbon reinforcement layer creates a dynamic, light, playful style of all-mountain skiing.

      Elan Wingman 82 Ti

      The Elan Wingman 82 Ti is ideal for effortless all mountain cruising and the power you need to push your limits. This 2020 ski is a stable smooth ride made possible by titanium reinforcement, a power wood core and Amphibio Truline Technology for perfect turns. Amphibio Truline is an elevated asymmetrical design. A perfect blend of rocker and camber technology with a left and right specific ski, providing more stability to power your turns awhile also resulting in a smooth and perfect turn initiation.

      Elan Ripstick 86T Junior

      Built for high performance, all mountain riding, with young riders in mind the Ripstick 86T Junior 2018 is a fun stable all mountain ski. The Ripstick 86T has a BC rocker (Full tip rocker in the tip and semi rocker in the tail) to provide flotation, and smooth riding in bounds, and off trail. At 86 mm underfoot it is plenty wide for a younger rider, while still being versatile enough to handle the rest of the mountain. Available only in 148 length for demo. 

      Elan Ripstick 88 W

      As a true all-mountain ski, you can take the Ripstick 88 W anywhere with confidence. It is the bridge between on and off piste providing a smoothness and confidence under your feet in any conditions or terrain.

      Elan Ripstick 94 W

      The Ripstick 94 W packs a ton of punch in a considerably lightweight package. It is the ultimate freeride set up for the softest, deepest conditions to the most variable, mixed terrain found on the mountain. Sitting pretty at a versatile 94mm waist, it’s wide enough to handle powder, yet narrow enough to lay trenches on the groomers.

      Elan Ripstick 102 W

      As the widest Ripstick in women series, the 102 W is the ultimate ladies freeride ski to use when it gets deep and steep. If you never waste a waist deep day, this is the ski you need to maximize the float and the fun! Have no worries, if you miss the best days of the season, the Ripstick 102 will still be your best friends any other day of the week, smoothly cutting through windblown snow and crud with ease.ripstick 102

      Elan Ripstick 88

      Ripstick 88 defines the all-mountain category and serves as the missing link between on and off piste skis. Inheriting the tech pedigree from wider Ripsticks, it’s equally confident on groomers and off piste, especially at the end of the day when it’s no longer fresh corduroy. Optimizing the combo of Elan’s unique Amphibio profile this narrower Ripstick is agile, smooth and easy to ski.

      Elan Ripstick 96

      If a smoothness indicator existed for skis, the Ripstick 96 would be off the charts! It is a true freeride ski that doubles as an all-mountain ski for those who want ultimate versatility on the mountain. It utilizes Amphibio Carbon Line Technology for dynamic power and precision and a re-shaped tip and tail taper design make it a perfect choice for every day, every turn shape, on any surface.

      Ripstick 96

      Elan Ripstick 106

      The Ripstick 106 is the perfect width for a one-ski quiver and offers an unmatched duo of grip and floatation. It's built for skiers seeking exceptional performance while exploring the entire mountain. It's a smooth ride no matter where you take it - front side, steeps, trees, or exploring untouched terrain, this lightweight versatile ski is up for any challenge.


      Elan Ripstick 116

      As the widest ski in the collection, the Ripstick 116 is the pinnacle of the Elan freeride lineup. It's a hard charging freeride ski that’s burly, yet responsive, for top-to-bottom big-mountain mastery. The Ripstick 116 is designed to dominate the deep days we all seek. Designed for the biggest, deepest lines in big mountains, the Ripstick 116 is all about good times!

      Elan Ripstick 94 W Black Edition

      The Ripstick 94 W packs a ton of punch in a considerably lightweight package. It is the ultimate freeride set up for the softest, deepest conditions to the most variable, mixed terrain found on the mountain. Sitting pretty at a versatile 94mm waist, it’s wide enough to handle powder, yet narrow enough to lay trenches on the groomers.

      Elan Ripstick 96 Black Edition

      A perennial favorite of magazine testers and professional skiers alike and known for its stable, powerful feel, the new Ripstick 96 Black Edition is ready to over-deliver on their promise to skiers looking for the ultimate, all-condition freeride ski.

      Elan Ripstick 106 Black Edition

      The search for a powder ski that destroys hardpack is officially over. Designed with Glen Plake, the new Ripstick 106 Black Edition utilizes game changing QuadRod Technology to defeat the myth that fat skis are only for soft snow and proves hard charging skis can also be light and playful without sacrificing power and stability.

      Fischer Ranger 96

      A true all-around talent for having a blast in every turn. The Ranger 96 offers maximum versatility with a blend of stability, agility, and power. Piste or powder, good or bad weather, any kind of snow: The Ranger 96 is ready for every sort of all-mountain adventure. Its optimally balanced construction lets it handle any type of terrain.

      Fischer Ranger 108

      This powder specialist is a must-have for all adventurous freeriders. The Ranger 108 is a powerful yet playful freeride ski that still has precise edge control. With poplar/beech wood core construction, Shaped Ti, and a freeski rocker, this ski really shows off its capabilities making big turns in powder.

      Nordica Unleashed 90 W

      Break free with Nordica’s Unleashed 90 W. Powerful and playful, this modern freeski is especially versatile. Whether chasing powder or exploring the bumps and trees, it’s perfect for women who view the entire mountain as their canvas. To boost the confidence of younger skiers, it features a full wood core with a vertical sidewall. This design enhances edge hold while dampening vibrations for an especially smooth ride.

      Nordica Unleashed 98 W

      Be brave, be bold, and be you with Nordica’s Unleashed 98 W. Refined for the modern freeskier, this female-driven design is as playful as it is versatile. And because it’s equally at home exploring deep snow, bumps, and trees, it’s the perfect daily driver for adventurous skiers. To amplify your confidence, it pairs a wood core with carbon and a sheet of terrain-specific metal. This design boosts edge hold and dampens vibrations for an especially smooth ride.

      Nordica Unleashed 90

      Set yourself free with Nordica’s Unleashed 90. Designed for up-and-coming rippers, this modern freeski is as playful as it is versatile. To boost the confidence of younger skiers, it features a full wood core with a vertical sidewall. Its early rise tip and tail provide floatation on deep days and give you the freedom to play with style. Dream big and be you with Nordica’s Unleashed 90.

      Nordica Unleashed 98

      Whether slashing pow, ripping bumps, or snaking through the trees, Nordica’s Unleashed 98 is at home anywhere. Built for the modern freeskier, it offers a playful ride without sacrificing performance. And thanks to its wide waist, the Unleashed 98 offers tremendous versatility, making it the perfect daily driver. Roam wild and free with Nordica’s Unleashed 98.

      Nordica Enforcer 94 

      The Nordica Enforcer 94 is a versatile all mountain ski with all the new technology from Nordica. Thanks to its new construction and rocker-camber blend, it offers exceptional versatility, providing a forgiving ride at low speeds and unrivaled performance when it’s time to hold nothing back. The new carbon chassis coupled with a full wood core sandwiched between two sheets of metal deliver tremendous stability and response and dampen vibrations for an especially smooth ride.

      Nordica Enforcer 100

      The Nordica Enforcer 100 has subtle changes to make it lighter weight and more maneuverable, without losing the power the Enforcer is know for. Slightly redesigned tips make this more forgiving in powder than previous version but rest assured, the carbon and 2 sheets of metal in this ski still reward those who want to ski hard.

      Nordica Enforcer 104 Free

      Although it’s the newest addition to the Enforcer Free collection, it’s already renowned for providing power and versatility in a design that’s accessible and easy to ski—no matter the terrain or conditions. The Enforcer 104 Free pairs a balsa wood core with carbon and two sheets of metal to maximize stability and response. This also dampens vibrations for an especially smooth ride. And for exceptional floatation in powder and easy steering through variable conditions, it features a high rise tip and tail rocker.

      Nordica Santa Ana 93

      As balanced as it is beautiful, the Santa Ana 93 for 2021 is at home anywhere on the mountain. With the narrowest profile in the collection, it loves making fluid turns on groomers—yet it can still make you smile on a powder day. A balsa wood core with carbon sandwiched between two sheets of metal minimizes weight and ensures the ski is easy to maneuver. It also boosts confidence by enhancing edge hold and dampening vibrations for an especially smooth and stable ride.

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      If you want to test out a new pair of high performance skis then our demo program is the perfect for you. Ski high end performance skis from Stöckli.  These skis are either this year’s current model or from our previous season line of demos. If you decide you would like to purchase a pair of brand new skis, you can use up to 3 days demo fees toward the price of a new ski – a savings of up to $120 for the ski of your dreams!

      Stöckli Laser SX

      You just cannot fail to have great ski days with the Laser SX. You get to choose just how you’re going to conquer the next run. Fast or gentle, middle or large radius turns – thanks to the Turtle Shell Racing Technology, this ski adapts to your preferences. The notches in the Titanal allow for a comfort-oriented ride when you’re skiing gently and interlock together to provide quiet stability on more challenging slopes.


      Stöckli Montero AX 


      Stöckli Nela 80

      Made for pure skiing fun. Made for athletic women skiers. An all mountain ski that will win you over with its lightness, maneuverability and playful handling whatever the conditions thanks to the 80 mm underfoot width. Go for it – take the Nela 80 for a test run. You’re going to love it.


      Stöckli Stormrider 88

      A true multitalented ski. Whether as a ski for purely on piste or as a freeride ski, the Stormrider 88 is truly made for any terrain and all conditions. It has the characteristics of a freeride ski, but performs just as perfectly on piste with its waist of 88 mm. Its integrated TITEC double titanal ensures stability even in difficult conditions, while the Polywall offers maximum impact resistance. In short: This ski offers a total package and makes for a perfect ski day.

      Stöckli Stormrider 95

      It's hard to beat a one ski quiver like the aggressive, damp, light and forgiving Stockli Stormrider. Durability comes from the Titanal Technology Pro metallic top sheet that better protects against wear and snow buildup. The skis also get free ride tip technology, designed to enhance turn initiation and give you smooth linked turns without compromising stability and power. The 95 width is perfect in Utah for exploring anywhere on the mountain. Each width actually has different construction, matching the personality and usability of the ski. For example, the 102 has deeper rocker lines and free ride tails. The 95s are known for being torsionally stiff and grippy even though they are wider skis, thanks to. the materials used by Stockli. These skis carry on their Swiss-made heritage and are so smooth, it's common to hear people say that they ski better with the Storm Riders.


      Ski/Snowboard Boot Lineup


      Adult Ski Boot: $10/Day

      Nordica Cruise 70

      Adult Performance Ski Boot: $15/Day

      Nordica Speedmachine 3 110 R

       Adult Heated Ski Boot: $20/Day

      Nordica Sportmachine 90 R with Hotronic Boot Heaters

      Youth Ski Boot: $7.50/Day

      Alpina DSS Junior

      Adult Snowboard Boot: $10/Day

      Salomon Faction RTL

      Youth Snowboard Boot:   $7.50/Day

      Salomon Whipstar