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Rent comfortable ski and snowboard equipment packages today! Ski your dreams on one of our high performance demos. You are free to use our fast online rentals or stop in and get fitted for your rental right in the shop. We make it a snap to find rental equipment while you are here or from the comfort and convenience of your home. Whether you are planning your ski days in advance or only the day before, you'll find great skis, snowboards, and top performance name brand demos.  With options to rent additional equipment such as boots, poles, skis, snowboards, helmets, and goggles, we have you covered.   When you arrive, we will quickly and professionally assist you from the bench to the slopes!  Be sure to include your shoe or boot size if you have it, your ski boot "Mondo" size, your age, birthday, height, weight, and any other necessary information.  If you are unfamiliar with this information, no need to worry - we're here to help.

If you would like to know more about the equipment in our rental program, we created this page to better help you in selecting your equipment.  Everything you need to know about our ski and snowboard rental packages, prices, what each package includes, and our "Try as You Buy" Demo skis, is all conveniently located right here.  Have Questions?  Don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly rental specialists at 801-413-8009, or e-mail .  Remember you can stop in any time for a rental.  Our well-informed staff can also assist with directions, resort information, and ski conditions, as well. Located conveniently near the base of the Cottonwoods, offering ski rentals in Sandy, Utah.    

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Adult Ski Rental Package: $24/DAY - includes skis, boots, and poles

Adult Ski Rentals: $14/DAY

Elan Element RS

Carving a well-balanced, perfectly executed turn is one of the greatest feelings on earth and the Element is proven to make this easier to achieve. Get inspired, have more fun and make the slopes your element.

Elan Explore

Whether you are progressing or you just want a ski that is easier to ride, these Elan skis are just the ticket. As some of the best beginner skis on the market, the Elan Explore 6 will inspire confidence and help you find your balance on the slopes. Elan's Parabolic Rocker gives the ski camber underfoot and rocker near the tip and tail to make the ski more forgiving and help you initiate turns. Elan's Groove Technology in the tip of the ski allows for more longitudinal flex which helps you maintain edge contact during the turn. The Elan Explore is a lightweight ski with super adjustable bindings designed specifically for progression.

Elan explore 6 82 width


Twin Tip Rental Package: $24/DAY - includes skis, boots, and poles

Twin Tip Ski Rentals: $14/DAY


Elan Slingshot

The Elan Slingshot is perfect for teen freestyle shredding both in the park and on the groomers. These skis have a loose on-snow feel and catch-free jib performance with the Jib Rocker profile. Monoblock construction wraps the wood core to provide responsiveness on the slopes and durability. Anyone who wants fast progression in the world of freestyle should give these skis a try. 

elan slingshot skis

Elan Prodigy

The narrow waist of these twin tips makes the skis light and maneuverable for tricks in the air, while construction keeps them stable at high speeds. Being a mid range twin tip, these skis are loads of fun for any intermediate who wants to do it all. 

elan prodigy


Youth Ski Rental Package: $15/DAY  - includes skis, boots, and poles

Youth Ski Rentals: $10/DAY


Elan Explore Pro

Looking for some of the best beginner skis on the market? Look no further than the Elan Explore Pros.  These kids’ skis use U-flex technology, which allows kids to fully flex the ski, helping to accelerate the learning process. Providing the right amount of flex in the junior ski range was a major challenge faced in the ski industry in recent years and Elan has come out on top. The Elan Explore Pros do solid slow speed turns and exceptional high-speed turns. They make quick transitions to the edges easier, allowing kids to learn to carve on trail.


Snow Board Rentals: $14/DAY


Sizes Available: 150 & 155
Salomon Wild Card snowboard that suits all riding styles and skills. Soft and flexible feeling and good edge bite. Salomon Wild Card is classified as All Terrain and has a Flat Rocker profile.

Flex: Soft
Width: Regular
Practice: All Mountain, Park & Freestyle


Sizes Available: 152, 160

The Craft is a ride-anything machine. Equipped with Rock Out Camber with reliable edge control and the ability to press. The Craft's shape makes it at home wherever you take making it float in powder and has plenty of pop off side-hits.

Flex: Medium
Width: Regular
Practice: All Mountain, Park & Freestyle



Size Available: 145

A women’s specific board that is designed with certain features to make learning easier, including the directional shape and the flat camber that makes the board easy to turn with smooth initiations. As well as being a great start up if you wanted to try some powder.

Flex: Medium
Width: Regular
Practice: All Mountain, Park & Freestyle



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Ala Carte RENTAL Options:

  • Adult Skis $14/Day
  • Teen Skis: $14/Day
  • Youth Skis: $10/Day
  • Adult/Teen Snowboard: $14/Day
  • Try as you Buy DEMO Skis: $30/Day
  • Adult/Teen Alpine Boots: +$10
  • Adult/Teen Snowboard Boots: +$10
  • Youth Boots: +$7.50
  • Helmet: +$6
  • Poles: +$5

      "TRY AS YOU BUY" DEMO SKIS:  $30/Daily


      If you want to test out a new pair of high performance skis then our demo program is the perfect for you. Ski high end performance skis from DPS, Elan, Fischer and Nordica.  These skis are either this year’s current model or from our previous season line of demos. If you decide you would like to purchase a pair of brand new skis, you can use up to 3 days demo fees toward the price of a new ski – a savings of up to $90 for the ski of your dreams!

      DPS Alchemist Wailer A106 C2

      Alchemist Wailer A106 C2The DPS Alchemist Wailer A106 C2 is highly lauded for the Wailer shape and ground breaking rocker/camber profile, the Wailer A106 C2 Foundation extols the same playfulness in powder and crud, with intuitive turn initiation and ample energy return—built with DPS’s innovative Chassis DNA Design—yielding a ski with a distinct side cut and flex pattern, optimized for high-performance in all snow conditions and terrain. The lightweight Bi-Phase Bamboo/Poplar wood core is reinforced by full UHMW sidewalls with triaxial fiberglass and unidirectional carbon, creating a damp yet responsive ski with a durable, textured polyamide topsheet and best-in-class graphite World Cup race base. From groomers to powder to crud, the Wailer A106 represents the fusion of space-age composites with revolutionary design and technology, resulting in an unrivaled skiing experience.

      dps alchemist wailer

      DPS Alchemist Zelda A106 C2

      The DPS Alchemist Zelda A106 C2 is an all-mountain classic rebuilt for the 2019/20 winter. Of the DPS women's line this is the most versatile ski. It floats better than most and holds an edge very well on-piste. An Aspen wood core with pure prepreg carbon fiber and freeride Rocker profile make this is the perfect lightweight all-mountain powder ski ready to ski anything. With a cult following, DPS skis are know for there great performance and the updated design in the Zelda this year makes this ski a must have!

      dps alchemist zelda

      Elan Freeline

      Due to the reasonable price and high quality Step in Release bindings, we find these to be the best 2021 snowblades on the market. These fit any hard shell ski boots from sizes 4-16 and have a very durable top skin, allowing for some long lasting blades. Bi-directional construction offers longitudinal and lateral flex without adding weight and hardened fully wrapped steel edges allow for optimal grip when turning. The turn radius for 99cm models is 9.7 so extremely tights turns are what you'll find. 

      Elan Wingman 82 Ti

      The Elan Wingman 82 Ti is ideal for effortless all mountain cruising and the power you need to push your limits. This 2020 ski is a stable smooth ride made possible by titanium reinforcement, a power wood core and Amphibio Truline Technology for perfect turns. Amphibio Truline is an elevated asymmetrical design. A perfect blend of rocker and camber technology with a left and right specific ski, providing more stability to power your turns awhile also resulting in a smooth and perfect turn initiation.

      Elan Ripstick 86T Junior

      Built for high performance, all mountain riding, with young riders in mind the Ripstick 86T Junior 2018 is a fun stable all mountain ski. The Ripstick 86T has a BC rocker (Full tip rocker in the tip and semi rocker in the tail) to provide flotation, and smooth riding in bounds, and off trail. At 86 mm underfoot it is plenty wide for a younger rider, while still being versatile enough to handle the rest of the mountain. Available only in 148 length for demo. 

      Elan Ripstick 94

      Created by women, the Ripstick 94 W 2021 is perfect for any adventure; front side, backside, chutes, steeps and trees. You can trust this ski is the right choice, no matter what the conditions. Don't let the color fool you, the Ripstick 94 W packs a punch and was designed for women freeriders that are addicted to the mountain. It is the perfect match for ladies who are going after good times on the whole mountain, no matter whether it's frontside, backside, bumps, steeps and trees. It will take you anywhere and everywhere you want to go in all snow conditions. It’s wide enough to handle powder yet narrow enough in the waist to rip up the front side. With Amphibio profile for exceptional maneuverability and edge grip, SST sidewalls for direct power transmission, and TNT technology for dynamic power, get ready for women specific silky smoothness on the mountain.

      dipstick 94W

      Elan Ripstick 96

      Built for high performance, all mountain riding, the Elan Ripstick 96 design for 2021 focuses on reducing chatter and fast and easy edge switches for smooth powerful turns from a lightweight design. The Ripstick 96 has Elan’s TubeLite Woodcore, which features tip to tail hollow carbon rods that are inserted through the laminated wood, following the ski’s sidecut, that reduce the weight of the ski while keeping it stable. The Vapor Tip inserts in the tip and tail of the Ripstick 96 keep chatter down, while the SST sidewall construction makes the power transmission from foot to ski smoother, for better acceleration through your turns.

      Ripstick 96

      Elan Ripstick 96 Black Edition

      Elan has refined the award-winning Ripstick with this sleek, sexy Black Edition, available for 2021-22. The premium ski boasts an all-black topsheet supported by a high-tech carbon construction for a boost in both performance and flair. The Ripstick chassis continues the use of Elan’s Amphibio asymmetrical profile, three-dimensional carbon wood core and composite material in the tips. However, the?Black Edition utilizes a carbon power shell that wraps the paulownia, birch and poplar wood core from edge to edge for improved rigidity and weight savings. An external carbon finish on the topsheet provides that ultra-sleek look. “These are Jeff Gordon’s favorite ski,” commented Donny O’Neill. Adrian Bouthot added, “It’s like driving a manual. You feel connected to the machine, and you can feel its power through your legs.”

      Elan Ripstick 102

      Power and versatility with a women’s specific construction make the Elan Ripstick 102W 2021 a great all-mountain ski without compromising performance. Elan combines their dual Amphibio Profile, placing additional camber on the inside edge with additional rocker on the outside edge, resulting in precise power on the downhill edge and smoother transitions from edge to edge. The Tubelite Woodcore places full length Carbon tubes into the wood core providing a responsive yet forgiving flex without the additional weight of metal laminates. The additional VaporTip Inserts reduce swing weight and vibrations, improve stability while SST Sidewall construction transmit energy directly over the ski edges for superior control.

      ripstick 102

      Elan Ripstick 106

      Life can get complicated when choosing your freeride quiver. Fatties may leave something to be desired on hard pack in the backcountry, while on narrower sticks you fall behind your buddies on deep pow days. The Ripstick 106 is the solution, the perfect width for a one-ski backcountry quiver. It's designed for skiers that seek exceptional performance while exploring all the mountain has to offer. Ride smooth no matter where you take it - front side, steeps, trees, or exploring untouched terrain, this lightweight versatile ski is up for any challenge. The addition of TNT Technology, Amphibio profile and SST Sidewall supply the power, smoothness, maneuverability and precision. It's hard to argue with Plake: "This is the one ski I can take anywhere in the world and be fine."


      Fischer Ranger 90 FR

      The Fischer Ranger 90 FR skis are versatile all-mountain skis that will have you feeling confident no matter where you are on the mountain. Unlike the traditional Ranger ski which has a flatter tail, Fischer has added a twin-tip to the new FR line which aims more towards the freeride/freestyle skiers. This turned up tail increases the overall playful nature and maneuverability of the skis. With over 90 years of experience building skis, the Fischer Ranger 90 Freeride Ski is an excellent intermediate ski at a great price point. It has Poplar wood core and sandwich ABS sidewall construction meaning that this ski is stiffer tortionally, has better edge grip, and has more durability from impact than a cap construction ski would. It features Freeski Rocker with long smooth tip rocker, camber underfoot, and a moderate tail rocker. This shortens the contact length for quick turns on groomed runs while adding versatility and forgiveness in powder an variable snow. The ski is an excellent ski for those intermediate to advanced skiers who love skiing on-piste but are looking to adventure off-piste more frequently. While this ski will excel on the groomers it is sure to provide a great time on those big snow days as well.

      Fischer Ranger 94 FR

      The 94 FR is a free ride ski for 2020 that you can push hard, while still enjoying some playfulness and flex compared to other directional all mountain skis. The shape is basically identical to the Fischer Ranger 102 FR but the people asked for narrower and Fischer delivered. It isn't too demanding with the lightweight design, but also is heavy enough to rip the steeps in just about any snow condition. This is a perfect option for most any intermediate to expert skier. 

      Fischer 94

      Fischer Ranger 102 FR

      The 176 Fischer Ranger 102 FR skis are versatile all-mountain skis that will have you feeling confident no matter where you are on the mountain. Unlike the traditional Ranger ski which has a flatter tail, Fischer has added a twin-tip to the new FR line which aims more towards the freeride/freestyle skiers. This turned up tail increases the overall playful nature and maneuverability of the skis. With over 90 years of experience building skis, the Fischer Ranger 102 Freeride is the pinnacle of performance and technology. The Air-Tec Ti Beech/Poplar wood core reduces the skis weight by 25% without compromising stability and flex, reinforced with the addition of Titanal metal adding dampness and power to the ski. It features an ultra slim shovel with a carbon fiber inlay to improve maneuverability while not compromising stability. Holding the ski together is a fiberglass laminate which adds another layer to ensure a snappy and lively performance. Freeski Rocker in the tip and tail shortens the contact length for quick turns on groomed runs while adding versatility and forgiveness in powder an variable snow. The ski is an excellent ski for those looking to have a one ski quiver as it exudes confidence in everything from the powder to the side country and can handle the spring crud.

      Fischer MyRanger 102 FR

      The Fischer MyRanger is a women's specific ski for 2020 that is quick and playful. It has the body of a powder ski but the details of a slalom ski, allowing quick edge to edge transition on the groomers and soft playfulness through the bumps and trees. This is a true all mountain ski, perfect for someone skiing mostly off trail but still wanting to have fun on a few groomers. 

      Fischer myranger 102 ski

      Fischer Ranger 115 FR

      The widest in the Ranger lineup, the 115FR is the go to for top freestyle skiers. It is highly maneuverable at all speeds and features freeski rocker, carbon nose, lightweight wood core and a modern shape. Sintered bases allow for exceptional waxing and a long lifetime. Aeroshape allows a special lightweight design for extreme torsional stability, unique to Fischer skis. If you look at chutes as a challenge or cliff drops as part of skiing, you won't be disappointed with these guys. 

      115 FR Fischer Ranger

      Nordica SoulRider97

      Unchanged for the 2021 season, the SoulRider97 is the perfect twin tip ski for park skiers who value strong performance in a carved turn. This ski features a wood core with carbon stringers, making it light and poppy, but durable enough to rip on the groomed trails. It's no surprise this ski has remained unchanged for the past 4 years. 

      Nordica Enforcer 94 

      The Nordica Enforcer 94 for 2021 is a unique and revised version of the Enforcer 93. While the 93 was simply a narrower version of the Enforcer 100, the design of the 94 has a more length appropriate flex as well as new sizing and structure. Nordica uses True Tip technology to make the skis float better in powder and maneuver better throughout the whole mountain. The 94 and the 100 offer the most versatility in the Enforcer line, with the 94 performing better on hard pack snow and groomers. 


      Nordica Enforcer 100

      The Nordica Enforcer 100 for 2020/21 has subtle changes to make it lighter weight and more maneuverable, without losing the power the Enforcer is know for. Slightly redesigned tips make this more forgiving in powder than previous version but rest assured, the carbon and 2 sheets of metal in this ski still reward those who want to ski hard. We can’t blame Nordica for this as the Enforcer 100 has been the Freeskier Editor’s pick and Ski Magazine’s Best in Test for the past few years. The Enforcer 100 is Nordica’s most versatile ski because of its mid-range waist. This ski truly embodies an all-mountain ski that will perform on almost every terrain you throw at it. It features a full length Poplar/Ash wood core with World Cup Energy 2 construction, sandwiching two full length 0.4mm Titanium layers with PrePreg Carbon Glass and vertical sidewalls for a progressive, predictable flex with ample energy return. The low Blunt Nose Profile with camber underfoot and a medium turn radius allow for remarkably quick slalom turns to stable, high speed GS turns in variable snow conditions. If you are looking to have a one ski quiver that is truly versatile, you aren’t going to find many options quite like the Enforcer 100.


      Nordica Enforcer 104 Free

      The 2021/22 Enforcer free features new art but is the same structurally as last year. With 104 mm under foot it is still a great powder ski but holds a little better edge on piste than the wider versions. New in 2020 they added the “Free” to the collection for the more rockered powder version of the Enforcer. All the Enforcer Free’s have a little more rocker profile than the other Enforcers. Built around a lite performance wood core the enforcer 104 includes two sheets of medal making for a light weight ski with amazing stability and dampness! Powder rocker makes the best of rocker and camber for unparalleled performance in the deep white stuff.

      Nordica Enforcer 110 Free

      Taking all the positive attributes from their beloved Patron, Nordica redefines “all-mountain,” with the all new Nordica Enforcer 110. Lauded as the any terrain, any condition ski, the Enforcer 110 features lightweight Prepreg Carbon glass with dual, full length 0.4mm Titanium laminate wrapping a Poplar/Beech/Balsa I-Core, the Enforcer Pro boasts powerful turn initiation and edge grip on hard snow while maintaining a smooth, playful flex. The early rise Blunt Nose tip and tail shape allow better flotation and tracking in powder snow while the shorter contact length make it nimble and maneuverable in tight spots. Full sidewall construction with camber underfoot make the Enforcer110 a reliable daily-driver made to go anywhere.

      Nordica Enforcer Pro 115

      For those who demand more, the Enforcer 115 Free delivers. As the widest and stiffest ski in the Enforcer Free collection, it craves deep powder days and sweeping turns. For exceptional stability and response, it pairs a balsa wood core with carbon and two sheets of metal, which dampen vibrations while keeping the ski light and easy to maneuver. Its longer radius ensures the ski is at home making powerful and precise turns. And for exceptional floatation and to blast through crud and variable conditions, it sports a high rise tip and tail rocker profile. Powerful and playful, the Enforcer 115 Free is perfect for those who push the limits.


      Nordica Santa Ana 93

      As balanced as it is beautiful, the Santa Ana 93 for 2021 is at home anywhere on the mountain. With the narrowest profile in the collection, it loves making fluid turns on groomers—yet it can still make you smile on a powder day. A balsa wood core with carbon sandwiched between two sheets of metal minimizes weight and ensures the ski is easy to maneuver. It also boosts confidence by enhancing edge hold and dampening vibrations for an especially smooth and stable ride. For additional floatation in powder and to readily navigate variable conditions, it sports an early rise tip and tail rocker profile. The Santa Ana 93’s shorter radius makes it easy to control turns and transition between them. And because its 93mm waist offers exceptional versatility, it’s the perfect daily driver for women looking to explore the entire mountain. Light, powerful, and playful the Santa Ana 93 is the most balanced ski in the collection.

      Santa Ana 93 ski

      Stockli LaserAX 

      Ready to experience some serious G-forces? These Stockli Skis have a serious following consisting of those who believe these skis don't feel like any other skis out there. At Utah Ski Gear, we would agree. These skis are designed to make turns more maneuverable at all speeds with Stockli's intuitive technology. When serious skiers want a fun ski for the groomer days, the LaserAX is what they go for. Give these a go if you are an intermediate to expert skier who loves to carve. The Stockli LaserAX is unchanged for the 2022 season from the previous 2 seasons with the exception of new graphics. 

      Stockli ax laser

      Stockli Nela 96 

      Unchanged for the 2021/22 season, the Nela is back again to blow your mind. Specifically designed for women, the Nela features a lightweight wood core and flex pattern unique to this ski. The glass laminate and brushed top sheet will make this ski last far longer than you'd ever expect and adds enough muscle power to shred through the thickest crud and the deepest powder. Buttery smooth, light as a feather and durable as a fighter jet, this ski rips for any intermediate to expert skier wanting a top of the line all mountain ski that just skis...different. 

      Nela 96

      Stockli Stormrider 95

      It's hard to beat a one ski quiver like the aggressive, damp, light and forgiving Stockli Stormrider. Durability comes from the Titanal Technology Pro metallic top sheet that better protects against wear and snow buildup. The skis also get free ride tip technology, designed to enhance turn initiation and give you smooth linked turns without compromising stability and power. The 95 width is perfect in Utah for exploring anywhere on the mountain. Each width actually has different construction, matching the personality and usability of the ski. For example, the 102 has deeper rocker lines and free ride tails. The 95s are known for being torsionally stiff and grippy even though they are wider skis, thanks to. the materials used by Stockli. These skis carry on their Swiss-made heritage and are so smooth, it's common to hear people say that they ski better with the Storm Riders.

      storm rider 95 


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      Adult/Teen Boot Rentals: $10/DAY
      Youth Boot Rentals: $7.50/DAY



      Nordica Cruise 65W

      There’s nothing like a day on the slopes—especially with the Cruise 65W. Designed for beginner and intermediate skiers, it provides the comfort and confidence you need to make new memories on the mountain. Its wider fit and softer shell are especially forgiving while its streamlined, anatomical shape enhances control and response. Thanks to its dual soft flap instep, the boot’s throat opens exceptionally wide, making the Cruise 65W incredibly easy to put on and take off. And for a refined fit, its shell and liner can readily be customized. Whether you’re making your first turns or working to perfect them, the Cruise 65W helps you discover your potential and amplify your fun.

      Nordica Cruise 70

      A day on the slopes is a thing to celebrate—especially with the Cruise 70. Designed for beginner and intermediate skiers, it provides the comfort and confidence you need to amplify your fun and fuel your progression. Its wider fit and softer shell are especially forgiving while its streamlined, anatomical shape enhances control and response. Thanks to its dual soft flap instep, the boot’s throat opens exceptionally wide, making the Cruise 70 incredibly easy to put on and take off. And for a refined fit, its shell and liner can readily be customized. Discover your potential and boost your fun with the Cruise 70.

      Nordica NXT X 80 R

      The Nordica NXT X 80 R is an easy-to-adjust mountain ski boot that provides snow control that skiers have always dreamed of. Very comfortable, it is suitable for wide feet and guarantees responsiveness thanks to its adjustable neck profile.


      Teen Boots: J4 

      Alpina’s J4 junior ski boot is a great option for young skiers ready to learn how to take on the local resort. This four buckle boot features an optimal flex construction, allowing kids to succeed on the hill. Get your kids out on the slopes this winter in the Alpina J4 junior ski boot.

      Youth Boots Available: AJ1, AJ3, AJ4, J3, J4, Max, & Idea Up