FK SKS Pocket 89/88 Edge Tuner + Coarse Diamond Stone EDGE TOOLS FK SKS

FK SKS Pocket 89/88 Edge Tuner + Coarse Diamond Stone


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Upgrade your portable ski tuning equipment with the FK SKS Pocket Edge Tuner that comes with a high-quality DMT Diamond Stone. This ergonomic ski sharpener bevels your side and base edge angles and can be used on both snowboards and skis. Use the set 88 and 89-degree side angle tuner and the base edge 89-degree bevel for comprehensive touch-up tunes in between your visits to the ski shop. This tool is easy to keep in your pocket, for quick on-hill edge touch-ups when you see that run that requires the best your skis can give.
  • Side and base edge angle tuner for skis and snowboards
  • Includes a Coarse grit DMT Diamond Stone (Blue) 325 mesh
  • Orange
  • Choose between 88 and 89-degree side angles
  • Fixed 89-degree base edge angle
Part Number: 3117D

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