FKSKS 100x20mm HSX Supersteel File Fine-3500 TUNING EQUIPMENT FK SKS

FKSKS 100x20mm HSX Supersteel File Fine-3500


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The FKSKS HSX Super Steel Fine File is a cutting-edge tool designed to provide exceptional performance in various filing tasks. Engineered with High-Speed Xtra hard steel, this file offers outstanding durability and strength, allowing it to withstand heavy use and provide long-lasting reliability.

The file's composition and construction enable it to cut through a wide range of materials with remarkable efficiency. Its cutting capabilities are comparable to those of Tungsten Carbide files, renowned for their exceptional hardness and cutting power. The HSX Super Steel Fine File delivers precise and efficient results, making it an invaluable addition to any professional or DIY toolbox.

While the file's cutting performance is on par with Tungsten Carbide files, it's important to note that its sharpness may diminish over time at a slightly faster rate. This is due to the nature of its steel composition, which sacrifices some longevity for enhanced cutting ability. However, even as the file gradually loses its initial sharpness, it still maintains a high level of functionality and continues to deliver reliable results, ensuring you can complete your filing tasks effectively.

  • Part 3500
  • Fine grit 
  • Extra hard steel 
  • 100 x20mm

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