G3 Climbing Skin Waterproof Renew Spray On

G3 Climbing Skin Waterproof Renew Spray On


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Avoid snow clumping and sticking to your skins with the G3 Spray on Waterproof Renew. This spray on formula for climbing skins creates an environmentally safe layer that prevents water from saturating the fibers of your skins. This eliminates skin glooping as well as snow clumping that occurs when the nylon or mohair becomes saturated with water. 

  • 60ml/20oz per bottle
  • Flexible and environmentally friendly
  • Made in Canada
  • Compatible with any nylon or mohair climbing skin
  • Stays on much longer than skin wax, meaning less applications are needed
  • Easy to apply
  • Can be used to refresh the waterproofing on old climbing skins or as a supplement to waterproofing on new skins
  • Each bottle covers approximately 2-3 sets of skins  

Part Number: 3222-CLEAR