Hotronic FootWarmer S3 Custom Ski Boot Heater


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Hotronic's FootWarmer S3 Ski Boot Heaters allow you to customize your experience by choosing your own insoles.You can use these boot heaters in any type of footwear. Charge up the battery packs, hook them up to your heating elements, adhere them to some insoles and enjoy up to 17 hours of warm feet in even the coldest weather. The powerful S3 batteries have 3 baseline temperature setting for maintaining heat in your boot and an extra heat burst setting for when you need it most. These batteries last for years. The battery charger is compatible and approved for use with North American, European CE and Canadian ETL outlets and will stop charging a battery once it has been fully recharged.
  • Custom ski boot heaters work with any footwear
  • 2 S3 batteries
  • 2 heating elements
  • 1 battery charger (charges both batteries simultaneously
  • 1 pair of adhesive strips
  • User manual
Part Number: 01-0100-1037