One MFG Eco Leaf Natural Warm Bulk Wax - 750g SKI & SNOWBOARD WAX Oneball
One MFG Eco Leaf Natural Warm Bulk Wax - 750g SKI & SNOWBOARD WAX Oneball

One MFG Eco Leaf Natural Warm Bulk Wax - 750g


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Utah Ski Gear offers a

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Eco Leaf Natural Snowboard and Ski Wax formula uses natural plant waxes to create alpine wax blends that make you go faster. Natural waxes come from different plant sources such as coconut and soy as well as Bees. The Eco Leaf line of waxes offers an eco-friendly alternative to hydrocarbon-based waxes. 

 This tropical warm temperature alpine wax works best in warm, wet snow conditions in spring and summer and is perfect for hot waxing or as a rub-on wax. 

ONE MFG is the originator of natural waxes used as snowboard and ski wax. They have spent the last 20 years perfecting their formulas. 

This is an enormous 750g, 1.65 lb. brick of bulk snowboard and ski wax!

This huge block of wax is perfect for rental shops, tuning centers or for anyone who likes to have wax parties with friends. 

Optimal Temperature: 26ºF to 32ºF (-0ºC to -3ºC)

  • 750g
  • Warm
  • Natural formula
  • No Fluro 
  • Made in the USA

About Utah Ski Gear:

Utah Ski Gear was established in 2011 and we believe that skiing is for everyone. Helping our customers find the right equipment to get them and their families skiing is our passion. We understand price can be the biggest deterrent and because of this we offer new and used skis on a budget. For the more experienced skier looking for advanced gear, we offer hard-to-find accessories like specialized tuning equipment and high-performance skis. Customers preferring maximum comfort while skiing can find electric boot heaters, such as Hotronic FootWarmers.

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