One Ball Jay X-Wax Cold -Snowboard Wax - 750g- No Fluoro

One Ball Jay X-Wax Cold -Snowboard Wax - 750g- No Fluoro


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X-Wax Cold by One Ball Jay is a bulk wax for snowboarders and skiers who want a high-performance wax job, without paying high prices. This formula is designed for cold snow conditions and comes in bulk for shop owners. X-Wax Mineral Speed Additives are a blend of natural additives that greatly reduce friction when used in combination of one another and have incredible speed-producing qualities.

Get the fastest wax series offered by One Ball Jay when you choose X-Wax.

  • Non-Fluorinated snowboard wax
  • Provides superior speed
  • 750g (1.65 lbs)
  • For cold snow conditions: 21º-5ºF (-11º to -5ºC)
  • Wax iron setting: 265º-285ºF (130º-140ºC)

Part Number: One Ball Jay WBXCL UPC: 609132288876